Cultural Weddings

  1. South Asian Weddings
  2. East Asian Weddings
  3. Afro-Carribean Weddings
  4. Jewish Weddings
  5. Persian Weddings
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In order to allow you the most flexibility amongst suppliers for your wedding, we recommend looking at our dry-hire wedding option where you will have exclusive use of the house and gardens, and bring your event to life with your choice of suppliers.

South Asian Weddings at Hedsor
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South Asian Weddings

From your Mehndi to your Sangeet, the Anand Karaj or even your Nikah ceremony, we are able to cater for all types of events. We’ve hosted beautiful and unique weddings for couples from all ethnicities, including Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Tamil.

Asian Wedding Hedsor House
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Cultural Weddings at Hedsor House
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East Asian Weddings

From the vibrant reds and golds of Chinese weddings to the serene simplicity of Japanese ceremonies, your wedding at Hedsor House beautifully compliments elements from your East Asian heritage.

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Afro-Carribean Weddings

Whether opting for a colourful extravaganza or a more classic British wedding, your wedding will be filled with special Afro-Caribbean traditions and of course, a lot of food!

Afro Carribean Weddings at Hedsor
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Jewish Weddings

From the signing of the Ketubah to the exhilarating hora dance under the domed Centre Hall, Hedsor House encapsulates the joy and festivity that define Jewish weddings.

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Persian Weddings

Delicate, detailed and beautiful. From the exquisite Sofreh Aghd to the exciting knife dance, we celebrate the rich tapestry of Persian culture in every aspect of your special day.

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