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Work with Us


  1. A job where every day is varied, where you can make a difference and help make someone’s dreams come true.

  2. Working in the most breathtakingly beautiful location, with 100 acres at your disposal for lunchtime walks and the best setting ever for after work gatherings.

  3. Working alongside some of the most passionate and caring colleagues you’ll ever come across.

  4. Being part of a company that has ambition, energy and enthusiasm to be the best it can be.

You’ll enjoy all this and more if you work at Hedsor!

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Hedsor House Staff
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What do we care about?

Foremost, we care about creating the very best memorable events and experiences for all our customers.

We are passionate, energised and go the extra mile at every opportunity. What also sets us apart is how much we care for each other. Whether it’s bringing in a home-baked cake, swapping a shift with a colleague to help them out, or sharing carrots to take to the Highland cows at lunchtime, it’s what we do.

What else matters to us?

We give generously to charitable causes around us, and we are making strides with our sustainability.

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Our Values

We share inclusively
We care for each other
We inspire trust
We explore & innovate
We show our passion

Meet the Hedsor Team