Here are just some of the things we do on the Hedsor estate to make sure that we do our bit for the environment...

1. All our waste is managed so that all recyclable items are separated and all other waste is processed in such a way that nothing goes to landfill. 

2. We have in-house glass water bottles that are washed and re-used every week and all paper, cardboard and plastic is recycled.

3. We have just installed a most efficient gas fired heating system.

4. We have increased the ceiling thermo-insulation of the top floor bedrooms during our refurbishment in 2016.  

5. We use low energy LED lighting wherever possible. 

6. We recycle all of our office ink cartridges. 

7. We have planted 4000 trees over the last 25 years with 100's more planned. 

8. We make our own hay for our Highland Cattle and horses to eat.

9. We leave dead trees standing for beetles and wildlife. 

10. We have honey bees onsite and promote a healthy environment for them to work and thrive. 

11. We have a compost centre. 

12. We use logs for heating a number of estate properties. 

13. We use well pumped water for estate watering in the summer months. 

For any further information or questions relating to our environmental efforts then please do give us a call on 01628 819050.