Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Venue Information
  2. Ceremonies at Hedsor
  3. Booking Hedsor
  4. Accommodation
  5. Event Regulations
  6. Ethnic Ceremonies
  7. The Alexander
  8. The Finishing Touch
  9. The Hive

Venue Information

What’s your capacity?

We have a maximum capacity of 150 day guests for the ceremony, and wedding breakfast. You are welcome to invite an additional 100 guests for the evening reception, totalling 250  friends and family. If you are looking at having a Mandap or a stage these may impact your numbers, so please speak to your wedding specialist.

Is there a church onsite?

St Nicholas’ of Hedsor, is a small, picturesque 12th-century church, a mere  five-minute walk away from Hedsor’s front steps. It can be accessed by a rural path (walking is recommended only in the summer).

Please speak to a Hedsor Wedding Specialist who can put you in touch with the Parish for details on how to book and date availability.

Is there disabled access?

We are able to offer disabled access to our Ground Floor, by way of a wheelchair lift. We’re sorry to say that, due to the historic nature of the building, we do not have a lift to the first or second floors and therefore cannot accommodate guests who need disabled access overnight. If you would like recommendations for nearby hotels with disabled-friendly facilities, we would be happy to provide these.

Can I recharge my car at Hedsor?

We have recently installed four electric car charging ports in our Lower Car Park. These are available on the Pod Point app and are called Dirk-Dora and Greg-Elmo.

Can I arrive by helicopter?

Arrive in style via helicopter to our South Lawn. We are able to accommodate helicopter arrivals, but we will need to discuss this with you in advance, and you will need to clear this with local air traffic control. Please speak to a Hedsor Wedding Specialist for further information on this.

What parking is there on site?

We have plenty of parking for all your guests in the main car park, in front of the House.

Ceremonies at Hedsor

How many guests does the Centre Hall hold for a ceremony?

We can seat 120 guests on the ground floor of the Centre Hall and a further 30 guests can be seated on the balcony, making 150 in total. If you are looking at having a Mandap or a stage these may impact your numbers, so please speak to your wedding specialist.

Can I have my ceremony outside?

We are fully licensed for outdoor wedding ceremonies, and you are welcome to marry on our South Lawn or South Terrace. Your caterer will work with you on a backup plan in the event of wet weather. Some caterers may charge an additional fee for the setup of this.

Can I have a civil ceremony at Hedsor?

We are licensed for civil weddings on the ground floor of the house plus the gardens. To book your civil wedding ceremony you will need to contact our local registrars at Beaconsfield Old Town Registration Office on 01494 475092 or [email protected]. We always recommend checking with Beaconsfield registrars first before booking Hedsor. If you book Hedsor House on a dry hire and plan on having a ceremony here, there will be a ceremony facility fee. You will also need to pay the registrars their separate fee directly.

Can I use a Celebrant for my ceremony or have a blessing at Hedsor?

Yes you can have a blessing or use a celebrant. If interested in one of these options, please email your wedding specialist and we can provide you with recommendations. If you book Hedsor House on a dry hire and plan on having a ceremony here, there will be a ceremony facility fee.

Can I hire a Wedding Planner?

With experience and thoughtful guidance in-house, some of our weddings do not require a wedding planner. However, we do work with a lot of wedding planners at Hedsor and have great connections if you would like any recommendations.

Can I have two ceremonies on my wedding day?

We completely understand that you may wish to celebrate different cultures at your wedding through multiple ceremonies, however, this is usually not possible at Hedsor. It can be challenging to fit both in, particularly if your cultural ceremony is long.  Please speak to your Wedding Specialist so we can assess on a case-by-case basis.

What my Wedding Specialist do?

The fabulous team of Wedding and Events Specialists at Hedsor are here to ensure a smooth journey from viewing, booking and right through to your event and even afterwards. On booking, you will be assigned a Wedding Specialist who will act as your personal liaison at Hedsor and will be on hand to offer guidance and support through the process.

What does the Hedsor Duty Manager do?

The Hedsor Duty Managers are here to oversee your event from start to finish. They work closely with your suppliers, including your caterer, production team and registrar or celebrant, to make sure everything runs smoothly. The Hedsor Night Manager will arrive at 11.30pm to look after you throughout the night and stay until the next morning when they will check you and your guests out by 10am.

Booking Hedsor

What is included when I book Hedsor for a wedding?

You have exclusive use of Hedsor and its gardens from 10.30am, including the accommodation for 26 people and breakfast the following morning for your overnight guests. Check out is at 10am the morning after your wedding. You will also have use of our furniture, tables and chairs (excluding banqueting tables, which may be ordered via your caterer), and a dedicated Wedding Specialist throughout your journey, plus Duty Manager support on the wedding day.

How can I place a date on hold?

After viewing Hedsor House (either in-person at an Open Evening or show round, or virtually via a Virtual Tour), you will have the opportunity to place your preferred available event date on a provisional hold. We will hold this date complimentary for seven days, after which time we will be in touch to see if you would like to proceed with the booking.

How will I receive my contract?

The contract, invoice and terms and conditions will be sent to you electronically via Docusign. Once the contract has been signed by the first person, it will automatically forward to the second. Once all parties have signed the contract, our Managing Director will countersign it and you will receive a fully-signed electronic copy back.

The deposit invoice is included within the digital Docusign envelope and has all our bank account details listed at the bottom. Our preferred method of payment is via BACS but we do accept debit and credit cards including American Express. Please check your junk and clutter folders to ensure you have received the contract.

If I book dry hire can I then change to one of your wedding packages?

It is possible to change your booking from dry hire to a package, we just ask that you give us plenty of notice for this.  However, if you book a package from the start, you, unfortunately, are unable to change to another package or to dry hire as we confirm your suppliers at the time of your confirmation.

Can we hire the house for multiple days?

Of course, you can hire the house for multiple days! Please speak to your Wedding Specialist for options, ideas and your 10% multi-day discount on the dry hire of the house.

Is furniture, cutlery and linen included in the price?

All the furniture you see at Hedsor is included in your hire. Cutlery, crockery, glassware and table linen will need to be provided by your chosen caterer. If you are booking a wedding package, this has been included in the price.

Can I add additional options like fireworks, or a late extension onto my booking?

We are happy to add additional products to your booking, but please let us know as soon as possible or at the latest, two months before your special day.


How many guests can stay overnight?

There are thirteen beautiful bedrooms at Hedsor House, all of which are included in your hire. This includes 10 guest bedrooms, two luxury suites and the Lavinia Suite (for the wedding couple). Each room can accommodate two adult guests, offering overnight accommodation for 26 guests, all of whom will be invited to dine in the Library for breakfast the following morning.

Is the accommodation included in the hire cost?

Yes, the Lavinia Suite, two further bedroom suites and the ten guest bedrooms are all included in your hire fee, along with breakfast the following day. If you do not require accommodation, please enquire with your Wedding Specialist about removing this.

Can children stay overnight?

We have two cots and two camp beds for your use overnight. If you have more than four children attending, please speak to your Wedding Specialist and they will be able to advise you.

Where can additional guests stay overnight?

We have a sleeping capacity of 26 guests, so you may have additional people to accommodate overnight. Here is the list of local hotels we recommend, including several with preferential rates for Hedsor couples. We always recommend pre-booking taxis at the end of the night.

Can we stay the night before our wedding?

Yes, our luxury three bedroom cottage, The Hive, enables up to 7 to enjoy a relaxing evening, and because it is onsite at the start of our long drive, it offers a calm start to a wedding day with no worries about traffic delays. If you would like to stay at Hedsor House the night before your wedding, you would need to hire the house for an additional day.

Event Regulations

Are we allowed candles at Hedsor?

We do allow real flame candles on site, however, the flame must be contained within a tall holder, for example, a lantern or hurricane glass, or on a sturdy candelabra. We do not allow real tapered candles on tables, but most florists are able to provide realistic faux tapers. Please speak to a your Wedding Specialist for further information and to see our candle guide.

Are drones allowed?

Aerial drone footage looks spectacular at Hedsor, so of course we permit this on-site – as long as the pilot has provided the appropriate documentation in advance. We would encourage you to book a professional videographer to capture drone imagery and footage on the day. However, if you would like to bring a personal drone, we need to have your flying licence ahead of the day. Please speak to your Wedding Specialist so that we aware.

Can I have confetti?

Sadly we do not allow confetti at Hedsor House. Bubbles, streamers and sparklers are a lovely alternative.

Can we have fireworks? And if so, what time can they be released?

We do allow low noise fireworks at Hedsor when booked through our preferred supplier. Fireworks are released at the back of the South Lawn, on the left-hand side of the summerhouse and must be set off before 10pm.

Can I bring in my own DJ or band?

We completely understand that music preference is personal to you, which is why we allow you to bring your own DJ or band to perform at Hedsor. The AV/ Production company will still need to be selected from our preferred supplier list and should provide the dance floor and staging (if required). If you are looking for band recommendations, we have several agencies on our preferred supplier list who may be able to help you find an act.

Can my DJ provide lighting?

Bands and entertainment providers will be allowed to bring in their own PA system/lights for their act only.

Are marquees allowed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate marquee events.

Can we bring our dog to our wedding?

We love dogs at Hedsor and we are excited to offer two options for your dog to attend your wedding ceremony and drinks reception. Our Pawfect Day package allows a dog accompaniment with a chaperone of your choice. The Unlimited Love package is a full-service canine concierge service with an award-winning local dog sitter.  Please see our Canine Concierge Packages, and speak to your Wedding Specialist about adding either of these to your booking.

Can I choose an external caterer?

Hedsor has personally hand-selected a diverse range of the finest caterers to ensure that your event is a success! When selecting caterers, we consider taste, ethnicity and price point as well as their ability to run your event smoothly from start to finish. We are confident you will find the perfect fit and therefore, do not allow anyone not on our list to cater at Hedsor House.

Can I have a food truck at my wedding?

Should you require a Food Truck for evening food, this must be in addition to, and with the permission of your catering team. A list of approved Food Trucks may be requested from your Wedding Specialist.

Can I bring in my own wine?

We offer a wine buyout fee which will allow you to bring in your own wine, sparkling wine, Champagne and port for your wedding. The buyout fee is £1,500 + VAT in 2023, £1,750 + VAT in 2024 and £1,800 + VAT in 2025. Please speak to your caterer about the evening bar as there may be a service fee and restrictions.

What are my options for the Evening Bar?

There are a few options for your evening bar. You can have a cash bar where the caterers provide all the drinks and your guests pay their own way, or you can choose to pay on their behalf (in the form of a tab behind the bar). You can also pay a service fee to the caterer to provide your own drinks for the evening bar that they will serve.

If you are bringing in your own drinks, the wine, sparkling wine, Champagne and port would still need to be provided from the Hedsor wine list. If you have paid for the wine buyout, you are free to bring your own wine in for the evening bar. Each caterer is different, so please speak directly to your chosen caterer for your evening bar options.

How do I book suppliers?

If you are booking Hedsor on a Dry Hire basis, you will need to contact each supplier directly for quotes and availability. We request that you choose a caterer, production, fireworks and fairground supplier from our preferred supplier list as we have taken great care to conduct a thorough assessment of their work. All additional suppliers, however, are your choice. If you are booking a Hedsor wedding package, we will handle booking the caterer, florist, production and cake on your behalf – though you will need to book all remaining suppliers directly.

Ethnic Ceremonies

What type of South Asian wedding ceremonies can you accommodate at Hedsor?

We can host a variety of different religious ceremonies including those for Hindu, Sikh and Muslim couples. Read more about South Asian weddings at Hedsor.

Is Hedsor suitable for a Baraat?

A Baraat along the main drive leading up to the house works perfectly. We have seen many joyous Baraat celebrations! Please speak to the wedding team for inspiration.

Can we have a Mandap at the ceremony?

We can accommodate a Mandap in the Centre Hall. Please speak to the team to discuss Mandap sizes based on your guest numbers. If you would like your Mandap set up in the Ballroom then you will need to use one of our Preferred Suppliers as they are able to work around our chandeliers. Here are some beautiful examples of South Asian weddings.

Can we have our civil ceremony and South Asian ceremony at Hedsor?

We can host a civil ceremony for up to 150 guests. Please note we sadly cannot usually accommodate your religious ceremony and civil ceremony on the same day, though you are welcome to hire Hedsor for multiple days.

Is there somewhere for the bride to do Mehndi?

If you are hiring Hedsor for a Mehndi celebration then we would suggest the Centre Hall as the perfect location.

Can we hold our Nikah ceremony at Hedsor?

Yes, we have hosted many Nikah ceremonies at Hedsor House.

Can we have our Ceremonial Fire at Hedsor?

A small ceremonial fire is permitted at Hedsor House.

Is there space for a Sangeet?

Hedsor House is the perfect place for your Sangeet; dancing can take place in the Centre Hall.

Do you offer gender-segregated weddings?

We can accommodate segregated weddings for men and women, but we will need to discuss logistics of this with you. Please speak to your Wedding Specialist for more details.

What type of South Asian cuisine do you offer?

We have an extensive range of external catering partners who can cater for all kinds of cuisine including Indian, Punjabi, Halal, Sri Lankan, Gujarati, Lebanese and Indo-Chinese. For a full list see our preferred supplier guide 

The Alexander

What else are you doing to reduce the impact of this wedding?

By reducing the thermostat by 2°C (or by reducing air-con usage by an equivalent amount in the summer), the emissions from heating/cooling will be reduced by 26%. Materials in use at the venue (especially in the on-site accommodation) will be reviewed to ensure we are minimising packaging, waste and use of environmentally-damaging chemicals.

Why use plastic trees rather than natural flowers?

While it is certainly possible to use only locally-grown, seasonal flowers, in practice it is a challenge; and it is especially challenging to do this all year round. This is why, for the first iteration of this eco-friendly wedding package, we have prioritised an alternative that will provide stunning décor for all of our couples and give us a high degree of confidence that we are reducing our footprint in this area. If you would like to augment The Alexander wedding with the addition of real flowers (such as bouquets and buttonholes), we are pleased to connect you with our supplementary floral supplier, Lavender Green Flowers, who are making leaps and bounds in sustainable floristry.

I would like to make sustainable choices for my wedding, but I can’t go for The Alexander. Do you have any advice?

We have created The Green Guide to offer advice, tips and suggest brands that are going to make your wedding more sustainable. Even if you implement just a few suggestions from the guide, you will still be making a difference to the carbon footprint of the wedding. Click here  to view the guide.

Why reduce the environmental impact of the wedding when you are just offsetting the remainder of the emissions anyway?

Firstly, while carbon offsetting is a useful tool, there is no substitute for simply reducing emissions. Offsetting is fraught with challenges, meaning the only guaranteed way to offset emissions is to not emit them in the first place! That said, we ensure that the offsets we do use are of the highest quality, to give maximum confidence that they are delivering the impact that they claim to. Secondly, being eco-friendly is about more than just carbon emissions. The interventions we are making will help reduce packaging and waste and prioritise sustainable practices throughout the supply chain of the wedding.

Why is guest transport not included in the scope of this wedding?

If we could influence everything in order to minimise the environmental impact, we would; but certain things are out of our control. For the purpose of this package, we have focused on those things that are directly in our control — i.e. those that form part of the wedding that is happening at our venue.

Where is the wine sourced from?

As part of our Alexander wedding package, we have included an allocation of English red and white wine from three choirs vineyard in Gloucestershire. As founders of The Wine GB Sustainability Group, they recognise the importance of sustainability and all their wines now have a sustainability accreditation and are suitable for vegan consumers. Three Choirs Winery is working towards being carbon neutral, and it uses natural controls for diseases rather than pesticides.

For sparkling wine, we have selected a delectable Brut from Harrow and Hope, only a few miles down the road in Marlow (you can see the vineyards from Hedsor!). Their fantastic, family-owned vineyard produces English sparkling wine using traditional winemaking techniques.

Why have you not opted for the most local suppliers?

In some cases, we have had to look slightly further afield for suppliers who live and breathe sustainability, which has meant that the carbon footprint from transport is higher than it could have been. However, in all cases, this is offset by other savings we have made, due to the more eco-friendly practices of the suppliers in question.

Why is the package called The Alexander?

Caring for the environment has long been at the heart of the Shephard family. Alexander Shephard was born at Hedsor House and his care for both the house and the 100 acres of parkland has been driven by his passion for the environment. In addition to carbon-positive improvements to the historic house, the conservation of the estate has been key. Over the last 30 years, under Alexander’s stewardship, 2,500 trees, including important specimen Oaks, Wellingtonias, Beeches and Cedars of Lebanon, have been planted across the estate. We’re delighted to honour his eco-efforts in the name of the package.

How did you work all this out, and what are your environmental credentials?

We started with a detailed carbon footprinting exercise for the entire business, sticking to the established Ghg Protocol and assessing not only our own direct emissions, but those emissions incurred in the supply chain and transport associated with our events

Having identified that, along with a few other targeted interventions, weddings presented the best opportunity for us to significantly reduce our emissions, we performed a deeper dive assessment of the different components of a Hedsor wedding, to identify those areas with the greatest scope for impact. Combining the environmental assessment with an all-team brainstorm for ideas about reducing the environmental impact of our events, we came up with a shortlist of actions and went out to tender for suppliers whose products and practices aligned with our goals and ethos. We were thrilled with the responses we received and, after some deliberation, we selected the best of the best for our Alexander packageHow environmentally friendly is the wedding, really?

Through intelligent interventions to reduce carbon emissions, such as choosing the right suppliers, keeping the guest numbers to 60 and offering a vegetarian wedding breakfast, we have been able to reduce the CO2e by 55% compared to a typical wedding at Hedsor House. Our research suggests that a typical wedding at Hedsor House is responsible for 5-10 tonnes CO2e, compared to an average annual per capita carbon footprint of 12.7 tonnes CO2e for the UK. That means that the footprint of one wedding is >40% of the typical person’s annual footprint. However, it is important to place this in the proper context. 5 tonnes CO2e is roughly the emissions impact of two round-trip flights from London to New York. And most people only have one wedding in their lifetime! So, while there is certainly scope to reduce the environmental impact of weddings, they are far from the most significant contributors to our overall carbon footprint. This does not mean we should neglect the opportunities to reduce the impact, of course. The remaining CO2e will be offset with a highly accredited carbon offsetter, included in the cost of The Alexander package.

What is carbon offsetting?

A carbon offset is defined as any activity that compensates for the emission of CO2 or other greenhouse gases. This could be activities such as tree planting, or land restoration. Carbon offsetting is possible because climate change is a non-localised problem; greenhouse gases mix throughout the atmosphere, so reducing them anywhere contributes to overall climate protection. In the context of a wedding, we will calculate the average emissions of a Hedsor wedding, reduce as much CO2e as possible, and pay to offset the remaining emissions through the projects mentioned above. Some examples of carbon offsetting projects.

The Finishing Touch

What’s included in The Finishing Touch service?

There are two options for The Finishing Touch service – the Gold and Silver packages. Both packages include wedding co-ordination on the day itself; a specialist will be there at your side to make sure absolutely everything goes to plan and you can fully relax and enjoy the day, as you should.

In addition to this on-the-day support, the Gold Package essentially provides you with bespoke assistance in the 6-week run-up to your wedding and on the day itself. This helps take the last-minute admin work that is needed before your wedding off your shoulders. Six weeks before the date, your dedicated Coordinator steps in and makes the final appointments with caterers and other suppliers, attends these with you and ensures all the plans are in place before your big day.

How does this service dovetail with my Hedsor Wedding Specialist who is assigned to me when I book my wedding?

Your Wedding Specialist will help with your initial booking, and look after you throughout your engagement. If you book the Finishing Touch service, this specialist will either stay with you to deliver this service, or handover to your Gold Coordinator six weeks ahead of your wedding so you have seamless support.

What are the benefits of booking the Hedsor Finishing Touch service?

If you opt for the Gold package, having an expert managing the coordination in the run-up to your event not only frees you up to focus on the fun stuff, but gives you the confidence to know everything is in hand, and nothing is overlooked. The Hedsor team have a wealth of experience in weddings and are skilled at dealing with every situation that could possibly arise during your wedding day.

On the day, both the Gold and Silver packages mean you will have personal, right-hand assistance, smoothing out any last-minute hiccups and discretely managing any issues, leaving you free to enjoy the day without a care in the world.

How does Hedsor’s Finishing Touch service compare to other on-the-day wedding planning services?

The benefit of having a Hedsor member of staff managing your on-the-day coordination is that they have an unrivalled knowledge of the venue itself. This means they are able to find the quickest solutions to any issues that might arise. They also have excellent working relationships with suppliers, and understand how best to work with them on-site, which helps keep things moving really smoothly.

Is this The Finishing Touch a full wedding planning service?

This service is not the same as wedding planning. If you want help from day one with every element of your wedding, including travel and accommodation plans, this is not the right service for you. There are plenty of amazing wedding planners who can support you in this way. Please do ask us and we’d be happy to provide some recommendations.

If I take the Finishing Touch service at the time of booking, but change my mind, can I cancel it before the wedding?

You can cancel this service with a minimum of three months’ notice in writing. Thereafter staff will be scheduled for you and work commenced.

Can I choose the Finishing Touch if I already have a wedding planner?

If you have already chosen a wedding planner, you will not need this package as your planner will be able to help you with on-the-day coordination and supplier management.

If I book The Finishing Touch, will you be available and contactable outside of 9-5.30?

The supplier management included in the Gold service will be done during core work hours when your suppliers are around. Of course, we appreciate that you may sometimes need to contact your Coordinator outside of these hours. This can be done via What’s App and your Coordinator will respond as quickly as they can, given they may not be at work. On your wedding day, your Coordinator in both our Gold and Silver packages will be with you from the minute you arrive, through to the first dance.

Does the Finishing Touch service include managing my family and guests on the day too?

We know that managing everyone on the day can be quite stressful and can help organise this for you. For example, your Coordinator can cue your wedding music, call guests for photos, and ensure everyone is where they need to be for the key moments in addition to dealing with any unexpected dramas!

Does the Finishing Touch service involve personal assistance?

We are here to be your right hand on the day itself. Whether it’s outfit malfunctions, make-up touch-ups or help to manage your train when you get from A to B, we will be able to help with everything.

What period of time does The Finishing Touch cover on the day of the wedding?

You will be met on arrival at Hedsor and your Coordinator will then stay with you for the whole day until your first dance takes place. At this point, they can quietly slip away knowing that your ceremony and wedding breakfast have all gone to plan, and you are relaxed enjoying the final part of your evening.

How much does The Finishing Touch cost and at what point would I need to book it?

The Gold Finishing Touch service costs £1,500 plus VAT, and the Silver Finishing Touch service costs £700 plus VAT. Either can be added at any point up to 3 months before your wedding day. You will be invoiced four months before the date of your event.

The Hive

How many guests does The Hive accommodate?

The Hive can accommodate up to seven guests in three bedrooms. The primary suite includes a king-sized four-poster bed with an en-suite. The other two bedrooms contain twin beds. There is an additional pull-out single bed which can be made up in the lounge.

What is there to do in the local area during the afternoon and evening of our stay at The Hive?

Hedsor is located in a particularly beautiful part of the country, with close access to the river Thames and stunning countryside. We will email you some suggestions of places to visit ahead of your visit, in case you would like to take this opportunity to explore.

Can we explore the grounds around The Hive during the afternoon and evening?

As an exclusive-use venue, we are unable to provide access to the Hedsor grounds during your stay at The Hive. We do, however, offer a lovely garden and courtyard space for you to use during your stay.

What are the options for an evening meal?

You have many lovely options for an evening meal during your stay. We have also provided ample equipment for you to self-cater. However, if you would rather leave the cooking to someone else, The Hive is within driving distance from numerous highly recommended restaurants. If you’d prefer to stay in, our excellent catering partner, Melissa Webb, will be happy to offer a dinner service for you and your guests. This can be booked directly ahead of your visit with a minimum of two weeks’ notice, and is subject to her availability. You can view Melissa’s offering here Alternatively, if you’re looking for a very casual supper, Deliveroo will deliver from the usual outlets.

Can my hair and makeup artist come to The Hive so I can start getting ready earlier?

Staying at The Hive gives you and your bridal party an excellent opportunity to start getting ready close to Hedsor House. Your hair and makeup professionals simply need to check out by 11am, at the same time as you and your party.

Who do we contact if something goes wrong whilst we are staying at The Hive?

The Hive is a self-catering property, meaning there is no concierge on-site during your stay. We do everything possible to ensure you have an enjoyable stay, but occasionally things do go wrong. For general issues please consult the instruction manual in the lounge.

Are there noise restrictions at The Hive?

If you have music playing outdoors in the courtyard or garden, please ensure this is kept to a respectable level for the sake of our neighbours.

Can I smoke at The Hive?

Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside The Hive. If you would like to smoke at the property, please do so outside in the courtyard or garden.

Do we have to clean The Hive before we check out?

The Hive is professionally cleaned both ahead of, and after your visit. We simply ask that you leave it in a reasonable condition before you check out at 11am.

What cooking facilities are available at The Hive?

The Hive’s kitchen is fully equipped with an electric cooker, hob, microwave, toaster and kettle for you to use during your stay. There is crockery, cutlery and cooking equipment for eight guests.

What is included in our breakfast at The Hive?

A Hedsor House hamper of two freshly baked loaves of bread, mini pastries, butter, Greek yoghurt pots with berries and granola to sprinkle, seasonal fruits and fresh fruit juice will be delivered to the property between 8am and 8.30am. To complement this, the kitchen has jam and honey harvested from Hedsor bees, plus tea, coffee pods and long-life milk pots. If you would like to upgrade your breakfast, please get in touch with our catering partner Melissa Webb. We will email you with these details ahead of your visit.

Can we arrange for on-site activities to take place at the Hive?

The Hive is the perfect sanctuary for rest and relaxation ahead of your special day. With that in mind, you may like to book spa or beauty treatments for your visit. We will email a list of recommended therapists you can visit in our local area in a guide a month ahead of your visit and you can book these directly.

Are there sufficient mirrors and facilities for me to start my hair and make-up at The Hive?

Yes, there are excellent facilities at The Hive, making it an ideal place to start your hair and makeup ahead of your wedding.

Where is The Hive situated on the estate?

The Hive is tucked away in a secluded spot just inside the entrance gates to Hedsor House.

How do we get from The Hive to Hedsor?

Whilst The Hive is within the grounds of Hedsor, for safety reasons you are not able to walk up the driveway to Hedsor House. It is a two-minute drive in a car up to the main house where you can park directly outside to unload. Please note there is no access to the main house until 10.30am onwards.

What is the departure time for The Hive?

You can stay at The Hive until 11am which gives you a relaxed start for your wedding preparations including hair and make-up. After 11am all your party, including any stylists you may have with you, can make their way up to the main house where we will be waiting to welcome you. Please note that, even if you stay at The Hive, there is no access to the main house until 10:30am onwards.

What amenities are included in our stay at The Hive?

We will include everything you need for a relaxing stay at The Hive. This means all heating, bed linen, towels, essential toiletries and tea towels are included. In addition, we provide logs for the firepit in case you would like to sit out during the evening.

Is there Wi-Fi access at The Hive?

The Wi-Fi code will be provided via email before your stay at The Hive.

Is there parking at The Hive?

There is parking for four cars at The Hive.

Do we get early access to Hedsor House if we book the Hive?

A stay at The Hive does not allow you earlier access to Hedsor House on the morning of your wedding. You will have access from 10:30am onwards and we’ll be looking forward to welcoming you for your special day.

What time can we access The Hive and where do we get the key?

You can access The Hive from 4pm on the day of your booking. Access will be via a keypad with a passcode located by the front door. We will email the code to you two days before your visit.

Can I recharge my car at The Hive?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to charge your car during your stay at The Hive. Local electric vehicle charging points may be found 3 miles away in Wooburn Green (SL8 5SX) or Burnham (SL1 7EP).

Can we bring dogs with us to The Hive?

We love dogs at Hedsor, however, we are conscious some of our couples have allergies and therefore ensure all our bedrooms are kept pet-free, including in the main house.

Is The Hive accessible for disabled guests?

The Hive is a single-storey property and is therefore wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp for easy access to the front door, and there is a wet room for disabled guests.

Can you provide a travel cot or highchair for The Hive?

There is a travel cot and highchair provided for your use should you need them.

Can people visit The Hive if they are not staying with me?

We encourage you to use The Hive as a peaceful oasis the night before your wedding. We may have a wedding in the main house during your stay, so ask you to be respectful of this. Friends and family are able to visit The Hive but only seven guests may sleep there overnight.

I’m not booking The Hive the night before my wedding. Do other overnight guests have access to Hedsor on the day of my wedding?

The house and grounds of Hedsor remain exclusively yours for the day of your wedding. Guests staying in The Hive will not have access to the House or grounds.

Can we have extra people staying overnight at The Hive?

There is a maximum capacity of seven guests permitted to stay in The Hive. However, if you have small children with you and they can be accommodated either in a travel cot, or in one of the existing beds with you, that is absolutely fine.

Do you take a damage deposit for The Hive?

Your stay at The Hive is covered by your wedding damage deposit of £2,500, which is taken six weeks before your stay. Permitting no damage is caused, we will refund your damage deposit within ten working days after your wedding. If you have opted for our Accidental Damage Waiver, this covers you for damage caused in The Hive as well.

I might want to book The Hive nearer the time of my wedding. Will it still be available to me?

If you decide not to book The Hive when booking Hedsor for your wedding, we cannot guarantee that it will be available if you decide you’d like to book it later on.

Can we split the payments for The Hive or is it one payment?

If you book The Hive at the time of booking your wedding, the cost will be split into four equal payments of 25% in line with your wedding payment schedule. Should you add The Hive at a later date you will be invoiced for two payments of 50%.

What happens if I need to cancel my Hive booking?

Should you wish to cancel your Hive booking please get in touch with us straight away. Should you cancel more than three months before your check-in date we retain 50% of your total Hive accommodation payment. If you cancel less than three months before your check-in date you will be liable to pay 100% of the fee. In the event that we are able to re-hire The Hive for the date of your stay, we will reimburse you the sum (if any) that we obtain on a new booking, less an administration fee of £250 plus VAT. Dates booked are not transferable. Guests who are unable to attend or fail to attend for whatever reason forfeit their deposit paid and the full amount of the booking will be due. It is suggested that booking guests take out appropriate cancellation insurance where required.

How do I book The Hive?

You will have an exclusive ability to book The Hive at the time of booking your wedding. Speak to your wedding specialist about adding a night at The Hive to your booking.

When will I receive my damage deposit refund?

If you take the damage deposit rather than the waiver, this will be refunded to you within ten working days of your event, permitting no damage is caused.