Meet the Team

Our award-winning in-house team has, between them, over 200 years of experience in the weddings and events industries! They are passionate and caring and are the number one reason couples recommend Hedsor as one of the country’s most desirable wedding venues.

Image by Grant Pritchard

Our Team

Let us introduce you to…

The Hedsor Team
Image by Marina Muravnik

Meet the Highlands

Friendly, loving, and rather food-motivated, our gorgeous herd of highland cattle have been in residence on the estate since 2008.

Lillie is our matriarch, and white in colour. Her babies Poppy and Little Al are gorgeously chestnut in colour, and Little Al’s horns droop distinctively. Little Al was actually born on the estate – a surprise arrival as we didn’t know Lillie was pregnant.

Elsie is our black highland and loves to give visitors kisses through the fence. Finally, beautiful Heather finishes off our herd and is quite the poser!

Image by Nigel Chapman
Image by Pippa Mackenzie
Image by Kate Gray