East Asian Weddings

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Hedsor House embraces the diverse tapestry of East Asian weddings, where time-honored customs find a home.

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East Asian Weddings

Hedsor is a versatile and inclusive venue for weddings that beautifully reflect East Asian couples’ unique cultural heritage.

The house itself exudes opulence, making it a grand setting for traditional Chinese weddings. The picturesque Sunken Garden and South Lawn provide an exquisite backdrop for time-honoured customs, including red umbrellas and door games.

The Boudoir is perfect for a graceful Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony, while the reception areas adapt seamlessly to various elements of Japanese tradition.

Our elegant decor compliments the intricacies of the beautiful hanbok, and each corner of the estate becomes a place for exploration of fun traditions such as the Korean Jeonanyrye (presentation of the wild goose!).

Hedsor House is a place where tradition meets modernity; a dream for the modern-day East Asian couple.

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What Our Couples Say

Aurelia & Raymond I’d easily say that it was such a dream come true to have one of our big moments in life in there.