Antionette & Leighton

An Augusta Wedding

Between their seven-year transatlantic relationship and two date postponements due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Antoinette and Leighton were no strangers to fighting for what they loved.

They wanted a beautiful English countryside wedding, and Hedsor was the perfect fit. They chose a two-day hire of Hedsor House, opting for our Augusta wedding on their second day.

Leighton and Antionette are both Filipino, so they wanted to incorporate a lot of cultural traditions into the wedding. Certain items represent and symbolise things such as the cord (unbreakable bond of marriage), veil (the oneness in marriage) and candle (a sign of unity: joining of two individuals into marriage), and they had these special items brought over from the Philippines. They incorporated Filipino music into their ceremony and evening reception and hosted a “despedida de soltera” or “farewell to the single life” on the night before the wedding. We love that they brought a piece of their heritage to the backdrop of a quintessentially British venue.

Image Credit: Thirdy Ado from Nice Print Photo
Image Credit: Thirdy Ado from Nice Print Photo


Antionette & Leighton As soon as we got engaged, I already had a vision of how I wanted my wedding to look. Hedsor was perfect.