South Asian Weddings

Create unforgettable memories with us this year.

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Why marry at Hedsor House this year?

Explore the benefits of late availability bookings, including exclusive pricing…

  1. Bespoke Pricing

    You can secure a better price by booking your Hedsor event to take place between now and the end of February 2025.

  2. Simpler Planning

    A shorter timeline can lead to more straightforward and decisive wedding planning. Combined with the expert advice of our Hedsor team, your event is sure to be spectacular. A win-win!

  3. Why not?

    You’re in love and feel ready to celebrate that commitment with your family and friends. Why wait any longer to start married life together?

  4. Cultural Importance

    Save money with exclusive pricing which you can spend on additional cultural events, or fit your wedding around the important religious, auspicious or cultural dates that favour a quicker timeline.

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Asian Wedding at Hedsor House
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South Asian Weddings

Hedsor House celebrates the rich tapestry of South Asian weddings, where traditions intertwine beautifully. Plan your unforgettable 2024 wedding with us and experience a celebration like no other.

We want you to be able to incorporate your most loved traditions in South Asian weddings, and we offer varied South Asian catering (including halal). Imagine your 2024 Hindu wedding at Hedsor, where couples make use of the driveway for an energetic Baraat with dhol drummers and horses, and the Centre Hall for their beautifully intricate Mandap, and a small ceremonial fire.

Hedsor provides an enchanting backdrop for Sikh weddings, where the Anand Karaj, or “Blissful Union,” takes centre stage. Generous reception rooms offer space for sacred Tamil rituals, creating an authentic atmosphere for the exchange of garlands and tying of the thali.

Muslim weddings are a blend of grace and grandeur at our venue. The beautifully adorned spaces allow for traditional Nikah ceremonies, as the couple affirm their love and commitment.

Asian Wedding Venue
Asian weddings at Hedsor House

What Our Couples Say

Himani & Neel I knew that Hedsor house would be the perfect venue. It had a beautiful mix of our London home and my ancestral home in Rajasthan. We couldn’t have been happier with our choice. We have made memories worth a lifetime.