Guest Blog- Wow factor wedding blooms

Each month, Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning wedding planner and designer joins us as a guest on the Hedsor blog. With over ten years’ experience she gives couples the best wedding inspiration and advice. This month….it’s all about beautiful blooms…

Floral displays at your wedding have the opportunity to make an large impact, especially at a venue like Hedsor House!

Small flower displays can often look a little overwhelmed in such lavish surroundings, so it's important that you choose statement blooms to give you the scale and wow factor you want.

If your budget allows you can go big with a statement entrance installation and flower wall for your ceremony like this one by the talented Amie Bone Flowers.

Amie Bone entry- San (sanshine photography).jpg

Here’s some of our favourite big and beautiful blooms ideal for floral displays, whatever the season.



Famed for their beautiful orb shape or semi-trailing blooms, hydrangeas are a real show stopper of a flower. Each stem provides a multitude of small petalled flowers, and the colour variations available in this stunning species are truly amazing.

hedsor house-senses-showcase038.jpg

From a crisp white to spring green, lavender or even cerise red, the hydrangea is a great way of making a statement without blowing your floral display budget.

Interestingly, the symbolism of the hydrangea means heartfelt and honest emotions, which couldn’t be a more perfect sentiment for a wedding day.


Peonies are a wedding bouquet favourite thanks to the thick, ruffled blooms and wonderful array of pink, peach, cream and pale lilac colours.


Peony foliage is also rather attractive, so there’s no need to pay for any extra ‘green’ with this particular species either as each thick stem has plenty already.


Usually, peonies are combined with delicate roses in a complementary shade for bouquets, but peonies are becoming more and more popular in bouquets and displays on their own thanks to their beautiful petals and big blooms.

The meaning given to peonies is beauty and romance, so it’s no surprise that they’re so popular with blushing brides!


A lesser known species of flower, Ranunculus range from the palest pink to flaming red hues making them ideal for a statement pop of colour at any wedding.


Their multi-layered petals and wonderful globe shape can be displayed as soon as the flower is cut or left a little longer for the flower to open up a little to show the dozens of paper-thin petals as they take on a more ruffled appearance.


There are plenty of meanings associated with Ranunculus flowers, but the most commonly held view is that they mean attractiveness and charm which is something every bride wants to convey on her special day.

Another tip for showing off your big and beautiful blooms is a little sparkle. Ask your florist or wedding planner to show you examples of the flowers above with a touch of delicate glitter, and you'll be amazed at how it can transform a floral display from wonderful to wow in very little time.

If glitter isn’t your thing, then tie your bouquet or dress your displays with classy pearl adorned ribbons to add interest to you showy bloom displays.

Until next time… happy planning!

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