Guest Blog- Biggest Wedding Colour Trends of 2019

Each month, Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning wedding planner and designer joins us as a guest on the Hedsor blog. With over ten years’ experience she gives couples the best wedding inspiration and advice. This month….it’s all about colour trends…

Move over pale mink, 2019 has got some bright and brilliant colour trends on the horizon that are going to be a complete change from the usual pastel hues!


Once you’ve chosen your wedding dress, the next part of creating your perfect colour palette is deciding on what colour your bridesmaids are going to wear, and this will very much define your overall colour scheme for everything from the groom’s pocket square to the colours of your flowers and table runners.

If like many modern brides, you want to give your special day an on-trend twist, then there're some fantastic new shades entering the wedding wish list for 2019.

Here’s our list of the biggest wedding colour trends of 2019 and how you can incorporate them into your big day…

Green fit for a queen

Now don’t tell me that you didn’t notice how amazingly elegant Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s white and spring green colour scheme looked on their big day?


And as you’ve probably already guessed, more and more brides are looking for a similar elegant and fresh feel for their special occasion. Using a multitude of green shades adds depth and interest to a wedding day colour scheme, so don’t be afraid to go for lots of foliage in your floral arrangements and green accents for your table decorations and bridesmaids’ dresses.


Tropical tones

If you’re a couple known for your bright and bubbly personalities, then you’ll love this tropical colour trend. Think vibrant oranges, hot pinks and bright yellows complete with striking greens and you get the idea.


These colours offer a statement pop of colour and complement white wedding dresses particularly well, so don’t be afraid of using bright and bold tones.

Purple Hues

Purple is a big statement colour for 2019. Rich purple tones are something that couples have traditionally shied away from as it’s such a strong colour, but brides are getting braver in 2019 and using purples and golds, especially for winter weddings, to add a touch of luxury.

Elegant Navy


This year blush and nude tones are being complemented by navy blue to offer a striking contrast.


Think about navy accessories for your blush bridesmaids and blush accessories for your groomsmen to complete their navy suits, and you'll see just how well these two shades work together.

Woodland palette

Dark forest greens and rich burgundies and plums are great shades that work well with both white, ivory and light cream wedding dresses with gold accessories.

For floral arrangements, add some beautiful fern foliage to give that woodland feel and help bring the overall look together. Another great thing about this new shade is that its bold without being overly bright, so you can also use wooden accessories for your table decorations to give a natural feel that isn’t overbearing.

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Until next time… happy planning!

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