Guest Blog - Ellie Sanderson 2017 Bridal Trends


Summer is an exciting time in bridal, it’s when the new collections for next year start to hit the catwalk!

Separates have landed in a big way; we love the flexibility of picking exactly the right top with exactly the right skirt. You can even swap into something different for the evening. Plus, we’re sure you’ll be able to find an excuse to wear these gorgeous little pieces again!

It’s been impossible to miss the huge love of lace in bridal over the past few years. And whilst there’s nothing quite like a delicate, romantic scattering of lace, it’s starting to get a bit of competition. There’s a new trend for plain, clean fabrics that’s just started to emerge – all the girls here at Ellie Sanderson are sure it’s going to just keep growing and growing. So why do we love a plain dress? It just lets you shine! No busy detailing to distract from how glowing you look! Don’t think we’re turning our back on lace all together though; statement lace veil, clean contemporary dress = pure match made in heaven.

What to keep in mind when shopping for your dress....

Buying your wedding dress can be as stressful as it is exciting, so make sure you follow our tips for a stress-free, smooth shopping experience!

Use the internet – with caution! It can be so helpful to create a Pinterest board to brainstorm ideas for your dress, but it can’t show you how the fabric feels, how the colour brings out the warmth in your skin tone and how a dress makes you feel ready to take on the world! Remember that like all clothes, wedding dresses look different on everybody, so don’t rule anything out until you’ve tried it on. Maybe you overlooked a designer because you didn’t like the theme of their photoshoot? Maybe the model had awful hair so you didn’t focus on the amazing dress! Don’t be the bride who overlooks the dress that’s perfect for her, just because it’s not the picture she liked best online.

Stay true to your style - Never feel like you should wear a long, ivory ball gown because it’s the done thing. It’s YOUR wedding. Wear the dress which makes you feel like the best version of you! Do you ALWAYS wear pink? A couple of Ellie’s girls here wouldn’t be seen dead without a little rose tint to their outfits, so why would you want to leave behind your signature colour from your wedding outfit? A subtle blush colour is so romantic, so flattering and so on trend for 2017. For the less girlie amongst us, how about a warm cappuccino, a subtle soft blue or even a head turning metallic? We have the most beautiful bronzes, silvers and golds.

Don’t overthink it! And this is the real bottom line. Although it’s nice to consider how the neckline will sit with your grandmother’s necklace and to take into account the opinions of your bridesmaids, the only real question to consider is ‘Do I want to get married in this dress?’ – a question only you can answer.

Ellie Sanderson has boutiques in both Beaconsfield and Oxford, with an unrivalled collection of designers from both the UK and further afield. Be spoilt rotten trying on the most beautiful and exclusive dresses across the home counties, find out more and book your appointment at


Guest Blog from Papeterie Eugenie Stationery - A Beautiful Nod To China

The talented Eugenie from Papeterie Eugenie Stationery sent us through a lovely little description on a current Bride and Groom's stationary designs for their wedding.  

"A lovely couple marrying at Hedsor House this summer, had a very specific stationery brief.  It was very important for the bride to bring elements of her Chinese heritage to their traditional English wedding.  

She loved purple, gold and delicate design.  It was important to include orange blossom somewhere.  As red is lucky and the traditional colour for Chinese weddings, it was essential to include this too.  Being drawn to hand-crafting we created beautiful little bundles, containing the invitation, information and RSVP card.  Each card was illustrated with orange blossom and a pair of lovebirds, in red and gold, representing the Bride and Groom.  A bespoke illustration was the perfect way to link everything together.

To make the invitation complete, the Bride provided beautifully scented red envelopes, all the way from China.  These are used at Chinese weddings where it is traditional to offer gifts of money - and will be posted in a stunning, hand-crafted post-box on their big day. 

I can’t wait to share the final vision in June…"

Guest Blog from rhubarb - Choosing your Wedding Cuisine

At rhubarb we are always thrilled when we receive a wedding enquiry – there is something very special about offering food crafted with love to the happiest of days.  Whether planning a small intimate wedding in a garden marquee or celebrating in an iconic London location, our team of expert event planners create bespoke food and design, tailored to brides and grooms.

From all the planning so far this year, the team have built a bank of amazing insights and ideas for summer weddings. They predict the wedding colour combination this summer will be cornflour blues and shades of yellow. By introducing some colour into your celebration you can change the whole feel – imagine soft blue tablecloths, crisp white linen napkins with tiny detailed blue stitching around the edge, white china and beautiful white peonies and roses to finish it off; effortlessly elegant.

“Serve afternoon tea inspired bites for guests when they leave the ceremony”
— Sarah Hammond

For the ultimate wedding tips, we call upon our wedding guru Sarah Hammond…

Up until now canapés have been a favourite choice for couples however this year afternoon tea is proving to be a popular alternative, think mini crumpets and bite-size scones- something different for afternoon receptions and perfect with Champagne.

“Serve a delicious main course with a twist”
— Sarah Hammond

Clients are currently loving the suggestion of meat cooked two ways for their main, for example, our two-bone rack of lamb with a herb crust and a cannelloni of slow cooked shoulder of lamb. This is delicious whilst being elegantly presented with edible flowers and bright, fresh vegetables as if you have just picked them from the garden.



Offer guests a decadent pudding stall filled with all your favourite desserts after the speeches instead of before.  This allows the nervous speakers to deliver their speech earlier and allows guests the opportunity to move around, socialise and graze for the rest of the evening.

“Ease the pressure on the speech makers by serving pudding after they have spoken”

— Sarah Hammond

And…if you still have room after all that then finish off the night with some toasted cheese served from a whole raclette wheel, so light it is almost soufflé like. Served with choice of truffle oil, mustards, caramelised onions and Worcestershire sauce to pack a flavour punch!


Why Sundays are the new Saturdays

When planning your important nuptials, most people automatically veer towards choosing a Saturday when getting married. Considering a Bride & Groom can maximise time over an entire weekend and guests can avoid that potential ‘morning-after’ feeling (probably best reserved for a day when you don’t have to be in the office) this does, after all, make complete sense.

So why are Sundays suddenly becoming the preferred day of the week to get married? The Hedsor team talk about our observations on this hot new booking trend….

For the majority of us Sunday is the day of the week when we get to relax, catch up with friends and family enjoying some all-important time out from our hectic schedules. This naturally slower and more casual pace of life on a Sunday provides our first clue. Here are some other reasons why Sundays are proving to be so popular; 

  •  A relaxed and casual vibe - having a Sunday wedding ensures guests and suppliers are relaxed, prepared and organised for the day. If the majority of guests are travelling a distance to the venue this provides them that extra day to make sure they arrived and rested. Your nearest and dearest have Saturday to make sure they’re ready and set to support you on your special day. With a naturally calmer atmosphere, the ceremony becomes even more meaningful with everyone more focused on the vows rather than waiting for a raucous party to start*
  •  Spoilt for choice – despite Sunday becoming an increasingly popular day to get married, they are surprisingly budget friendly. By choosing a Sunday and saving some money, you can focus on other aspects of creating your dream wedding. (Jimmy Choo here you come!)
  •  Unique and memorable – Stand out from the crowd and create a wedding that’s different to all you've attended before. Your guests will remember your wedding and the meaning of it not the day of the week it falls on.
  •  Make your day last longer - if you decide to celebrate your wedding on a Sunday, go for an earlier ceremony and reception so that you and your guests can enjoy an extended day. Those guests that do need to leave earlier are free to do so after a wonderful day spent celebrating. Your remaining guests can use the opportunity to book a Monday off work* and enjoy an extended weekend.

*Please note - raucous parties can and do still happen on Sundays! #SundayFunday

To find out about Sunday availability contact the Hedsor Team on 01628 819050 or email

By Grace Lloyd-Jones, Marketing Executive and Wedding Aficionado