Guest Blog: 9 Ways To Cut Down Your Wedding Guest List written by carriages weddings & events

The lovely team from CARRIAGES Wedding & Events are gurus when it comes to Asian Weddings and beyond, emphasising individuality and styling to reflect your personality. Read their tips below on how to manage a BIG wedding guest list. 

It’s a tough job organising an Indian wedding, we totally get it! One of the hardest things about wedding planning is to coordinate your guest list. Most venues aren’t equipped to deal with more than 300-400 people indoors, and even if they are, do you really need 600  people plus at your wedding? When will you ever get the time to speak to them all and if you do, when will you get the time to do anything else?

Everyone will have had a close friend or family member tie the knot at some point and will understand if they’ve not quite made guest list cut (ok, some people won’t but your time is better spent worrying about other actual necessities). Family guest list discussions can sometimes get a little heated so if you’re trying to persuade your other half or your parents to reduce their numbers, here’s a good base to start from.

1. The one year rule

If you have any friends or family members who you have had NO communication with over the last year then chances are you probably don’t need them at your wedding. By communication, we’re talking social media, phone, email and even WhatsApp. There may be one or two overseas cousins who might be an exception, but on the whole you get our drift..

2. The numbers game

If you’re close to someone then you’ll probably have their number saved on your phone. Most of us will probably have far more numbers in our contacts list (which we don’t even need), so think of it this way, if you don’t have their number, you’re not really friends and therefore they don’t need to be sent an invite.

3. Face to face

We might be stating the obvious here, but if you’ve never actually met some of your potential guests, why would you call them to your wedding? Yes, he or she may be your mum’s sister’s daughter’s cousin but what has that got to do with you? If a relative is that distant to have never even shown you their face then there’s no reason you need to suddenly see them while you’re sitting in the mandap.

5. Friends

Your friends are one thing but do you really need to have your parents’ or siblings’ friends there too? It’s fine if you’ve got enough room but if not, just explain this to them and we’re sure they’ll understand. After all, if you haven’t got enough room for your own friends at your wedding, then why should anyone else’s be there?

6. Multiple functions

We understand that due to the nature of Indian families it can sometimes be difficult to simply say no to certain guests, and one way to avoid family tension is to have separate functions for your ‘extra’ guests. Look to organise a larger sangeet or mehendi night where you can invite extra people who then don’t need to be called to the wedding.

7. Mr & Mrs

A great way to get rid of any extra guests is to keep your invite as couples-only. Sure there may be certain close family members who need to be there, along with one or two who have young children they aren’t able to leave behind, but on the whole keep it as Mr & Mrs and you’ll be fine.

8. Co-workers

Even though you may want them present, it may not be practical to invite your co-workers due to numbers getting out of hand. If you have one bestie at work that’s fine, but what if you’re equally as close to 20 people? If your list is getting too long then perhaps have a separate wedding celebration lunch or meal with them instead.

9. Plus ones

If there are any singletons attending, though it is normal wedding etiquette to let them bring along a plus one, don’t feel pressurised to do this. It’s absolutely fine to invite people on their own, as long as they’re going to know someone else at the wedding who they can mingle with. If for example they’re a complete outsider, then consider letting them bring someone along, but otherwise – its okay. 

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Guest Blog - Love From Mwai

Mwai's 'Victorious Tips' on Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue  

I’m so honoured to have been asked by the wonderful team at Hedsor House to blog on all things weddings. I’m excited to share my love for weddings, advice and hopefully inspire all the wonderful couples as they plan what I would like say is one of the most important days of a person's life! No pressure!

A little about myself, my name is Mwai, I am the owner and creative director of Love from Mwai.  I love all things weddings so much that I planned my entire wedding on my own four years ago. I understand the intricacies of a wedding and that it is more than just walking down the aisle and reciting vows. To me, a wedding is about telling a story of who the two of you are as a couple, which is told in the many minute details of the day.

Join me on my monthly blog as I discuss all the wonderful, interesting and of course worries of the wedding world. I thought it is only right for my first blog to be about “finding the perfect wedding venue” especially as the venue is the backbone a wedding and planning only starts once you have found the perfect venue...

Factors to consider when finding the perfect venue

Once the initial excitement of your engagement settles down, it is time to get down to business. As a wedding specialist, I have seen so many beautiful venues I remember. When I walk into my dream wedding venue, it is always love at first sight.

In an ideal world that’s the way everyone’s venue search would go. But when looking for your own dream wedding venue,  you may not have that “ah-ha” moment right away. In fact, it can become very overwhelming and frustrating. But by narrowing down the type of wedding you would like to have, your venue search can be virtually stress-free and a lot of fun! So here are my “Victorious Tips” for choosing the perfect wedding venue:

1. Budget – Cost is often the main factor people use when considering or ruling out venues, and of course the price tag of hiring the venue must fit within your event budget.

2. Space specifications – This would include things like space/room capacity, load in/out amenities; and technical capabilities (like lighting, electrical, A/V, etc.).

3. Day/time availability – This factor almost goes without saying, but it’s a good rule of thumb to have several day/time options in mind (or at least be somewhat flexible with day/time of the event) before you start reviewing venues so you don’t immediately limit the number of venues you can consider.

4. Appropriateness for type of wedding you want – This may be the most subjective, but it may well be the most important. And it first requires you to know precisely the needs and what type of wedding you want in order to match up a venue with those specifications.

5. Other groups using the venue at the same time as your event – If you are planning an intimate wedding, you probably don’t want a loud function going on in the next room so make sure any simultaneous events at the venue (or even nearby) won’t conflict with or interrupt yours. Even better - choose an exclusive hire venue to make sure the space is all yours.

6. Customer service – Not only does the venue need to be responsive to your needs prior to your wedding, but it also needs to have adequate support staff on site during the event to respond to the needs and requests of you and your guests.

7. Travel convenience – The location of the venue needs to be conveniently located for your guests and within a reasonable distance so as not to require excessive travel; otherwise your guests will spend most of the time on the road travelling to your wedding venue.

8. Parking and proximity to transportation options – Onsite or nearby parking options for your guests are important (and cost of parking for your guests can be a deciding factor here). In addition, proximity to airports and public transit is also important if you have many guests who aren’t driving their own car to your wedding..

9. Reputation – Ask other event planners/ vendors regarding their experiences with the venues you are considering. In addition, look at online reviews in forums to round out your assessment of a venue’s reputation and track record.

10. Vendor restrictions – Some venues have a list of exclusive vendors that they will allow to perform work in their venue, so make sure if you are using outside vendors that you can bring them into the venue and that the venue will amicably work alongside them.

And there you have it folks, I hope these tips will be as useful as they were to me when I was searching for my dream wedding venue. Bonus points for Hedsor House as they definitely meet all the above criteria.

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll be talking about how to choose your wedding flowers. Until next time!

Happy Planning!

Love from Mwai