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Guest Blog- 7 tips to consider when purchasing wedding jewellery

Each month we have Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning planning and designer join us on the blog. With over nine years’ experience in the London wedding scene she gives Brides and Grooms the best wedding inspiration and advice. Read below what insight Mwai can give this month…

Shopping for your wedding JEWELLERY is an exciting time and there are so many different options to choose from! Today, I am giving you my top 7 things to remember before making the BIG purchase/S... 


Whether sparkling, bold earrings have caught your eye or you’re drawn to an understated, subtle necklace or headpiece, there’s one key thing to remember – don’t overshadow the dress.

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The right jewellery pieces can enhance your dress/suit choice rather than overtaking it, creating a complete look that’s beautiful. The dress/suit should be the main show, with your jewellery, from headpieces to rings, all complementing the outfit you’ve carefully chosen. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to wedding jewellery, our top seven tips will point you in the right direction.

1. Think about the style of your dress or suit

The style of dress/suit that you’ve chosen will have a huge impact on how to accessorize. A sophisticated, classic slip dress can be given an elegant, dramatic look with bold jewellery. However if you’ve chosen a dress that is a statement in itself, it can clash and be diluted by adding striking accessories. Vintage inspired dresses are making a huge comeback and if you’ve opted for one of these, jewellery that matches the decade can result in a stunning well put together look.


2. Consider your neckline

The overall cut of your dress/suit is important when selecting jewellery, however the neckline should be your top consideration. The neckline of your dress helps to frame your face and the jewellery you choose plays a role in that. If you’ve chosen a high neckline or halterneck, it might be best to skip the necklace and instead focus on your earrings or accessorising your hair. V necks are ideal for showing off delicate pendants, while a sweetheart neckline gives you an opportunity to go bold.

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3. Complement with accents

Have you chosen a dress/suit that’s decorated with lace, pearls, or crystals? Your jewellery should reflect the accents of your dress/suit to create a balanced look that wows. With the right choice, your accessories will complement rather than overshadow. If you’ve gone for a dress/suit with understated glam, you’ve got a blank canvas to layer your jewellery to.


4. Don’t forget the headpiece

With a multitude of options to choose from, don’t forget your head piece. Whether you’re keen to wear a traditional veil or you’ve been looking at colourful floral creations, your headpiece is an important accessory. It needs to enhance both your dress and the other jewellery you’ll be wearing.  


5. Remember less is more

Bridal jewellery is simply beautiful, and it can be tempting to purchase a whole collection to wear on your big day, but you do run the risk of taking over your dress by wearing too many pieces. Choosing one or two elegant pieces, can deliver a bigger statement than piling on everything that you loved in the jewellery store.

6. Match your metals to your dress/suit colour

Some metals work better paired with certain colours, bringing out the shade that you fell in love with. White dresses look beautiful when paired with silver, while a blush gown lets you experiment with the on trend rose gold look. If you’ve gone for the timeless and popular option of ivory, golds can bring work brilliantly however silvers are also an elegant option.


7. Reflect your individual style

When you’re picking out your bridal jewellery don’t forget the most important person – you. You should enjoy and wear your wedding day jewellery again and again, bringing back stunning memories of your big day. You want to show off your own personality and individual style throughout the whole of your wedding, including in your jewellery choices.


Until next time, happy planning.


Guest Blog- Six suggestions for choosing your wedding colour scheme

Each month we have Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning planning and designer join us on the blog. With over nine years’ experience in the London wedding scene she gives Brides and Grooms the best wedding inspiration and advice. Read below what insight Mwai can give this month…


A colour scheme is an excellent way to tie all the different elements of your wedding together but it can be hard to make a final decision. Below are my top tips...

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Take your guests effortlessly from the ceremony to the evening entertainment with amazing production. While a colour palette that runs throughout your big day is important, it can be easy to go overboard and miss the elegant feel you were going for.

With the trend for the 2018 wedding season moving towards rustic, classic styles, there’s a whole range of colour options to choose from. From muted palettes that have a calming feel, to bold flashes of colour or deep autumnal tones, there are more than a few ways to create a graceful, chic theme throughout your special day. When elegance is what you want your wedding day to exude from start to end, we’ve got the tips you need.



Keep it simple

When it comes to colour themes, simple can be beautiful. It can be tempting to select several different shades but sticking to two or three colours is the way forward when you’re looking for elegance. 


Blend in neutral hues

Unless you’re a fan of the bright and bold look, neutral colours help give your theme some subtlety. It could be soft greys, subtle whites, or even natural coffee tones. They’ll help draw the eye to your main colour without clashing.

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Tie it to the theme and season

If you’re going for a wedding theme i.e. Gatsby, linking your colour choices to this can help all the different wedding aspects to flow better i.e. black/golds. You should also think about the season and your wedding venue. Outdoor weddings in the summer can still look elegant with bright flashes of colour but in the autumn months, rich, deep palates are often better suited.


Think of the small details

When you’re planning on where to add your colours, remember that the small details matter too. Huge flower arrangements can look stunning but so can small wedding features that subtly show your theme, such as the ribbons used on wedding favours.

Use colour sparingly

Not everything has to be in the colours of your wedding theme. Using your selected colours sparingly can mean they have a far more dramatic effect and you don’t risk overkill. By delivering maximum impact, you can create stunning focal points that will draw your guests in.


Colour mistakes to avoid when planning your big day

With my top tips in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a colour theme that will match your wedding vision. These common mistakes to avoid should be kept in mind too:

Following the trend – Trends come and go but you want to be able look back on your wedding photos for decades to come. Pick something that you love, not just because you’ve seen it in the latest bridal magazine. 

Choosing too many colours – You can have too much of a good thing. Everything being bold could mean there’s no focal point to draw the eye.

Forgetting the classics – Sometimes the classics are still the best option, and it doesn’t have to mean being boring. Delicate shades of white paired with subtle pinks still looks beautiful.

Playing it too safe – While the classics are still something to think about it, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment a little. Using colour combinations that aren’t often seen together can create an incredible look.

Not thinking about the style of Hedsor– The décor and colours of Hedsor should be an important part of your final decision. Some colour choices that you love might clash but those that you’ve previously dismissed could be just what you need to lift the house.

Until next time, happy planning.