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Ruuby Sleepover at Hedsor

We recently hosted a day filled with Marie Antoinette themed confectionery brilliance by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, beautiful afternoon tea by Melissa Webb and personalised treatments for all VIP guests by Ruuby.

After this special Hedsor event, we spoke to Ruuby founder, Venetia Archer, to seek her best advice about preparing for your wedding!

Tell us about Ruuby’s beauty services for brides?

We offer a host of beauty treatments for brides - both for the run up to the wedding, and for the day itself. Usually we prepare a wedding preparation package, which involves monthly facials, to ensure the very best glow. Before the wedding, we will also arrange hair and makeup trials for the bride (and bridal party), so they can be sure of the kind of look they will receive on the day. Then, on the night before, we will usually arrange manicures and pedicures, so they are fresh for the wedding. On the day itself, the pre-selected hair and makeup artists will arrive to get the bride ready!


What are your top beauty tips for brides planning their wedding treatments?

I think it’s important to spend time trialing hair and makeup in particular, as it’s so personal. In addition to the look, the bride wants to ensure she likes the people who are performing the treatment - they will be spending time with them on such a special day! I also think its important to schedule in regular facials (one a month, six months before), to ensure the skin is in the best shape it can be. I am a real fan of micro needling and peels. They are slightly less comfortable than the traditional facial, but results are second to none. 


What special treatments could brides treat their bridesmaids / family members to the night/the morning of the wedding?

Nothing beats a massage and a mani-pedi. The massage brings in a little me time, and everyone needs fresh nails for a wedding!


What are your top beauty tips for grooms?

I wouldn't try anything too wild for the wedding day - I think it’s important that men take care of their skin, and so I always recommend that the groom does a few facials before the big day. Also, groomed hands - so a MEN-icure is a must. 

What wider trends are you seeing in bridal beauty?

We are seeing a lot more use of hair accessories, and more loose hairstyles. It feels quite romantic. I love small pearls/gold ornaments in the hair, and think this is very chic.