A Big Hello from Jennie - Our New Award Winning Wedding Specialist


Hello I'm Jennie and I'm delighted to have joined Hedsor House as the In House Wedding Specialist.  On the 11th of July 2015 I organised my 250th wedding and have joined Hedsor from another luxury venue where I held the position of wedding coordinator for the previous nine years. Just typing those numbers gives me goose bumps as I can’t believe I've already had the honour of being part of so many special events!


I adore all things wedding and am in love with my career. I am incredibly proud to have won some major awards in the process including two National Awards and three Regional Awards at The Wedding Industry Awards.

In terms of my personal life - I have an unbelievably amazing family, partner and friends around me and consider myself a very lucky girl indeed.

I have already been at Hedsor for a month and I feel so privileged to be working at one of the UK's most prestigious wedding venues. The grounds and the house are incredible and look stunning no matter the weather. I have been enjoying looking at lots of pictures from previous weddings and feel inspired for the many more to come.

For those who have already booked your wedding with us, I hope all your wedding plans are coming together nicely and I am hugely looking forward to meeting you in the next few months ahead.

Hopefully you are registered to attend the Bridal Wedding Showcase on May 17th 2016. I would love to meet you then!

For all of those considering Hedsor - please do get in touch. I'd love to chat about your dream wedding...

Warmest regards, 

Jennie Hopcroft (