Why Sundays are the new Saturdays

When planning your important nuptials, most people automatically veer towards choosing a Saturday when getting married. Considering a Bride & Groom can maximise time over an entire weekend and guests can avoid that potential ‘morning-after’ feeling (probably best reserved for a day when you don’t have to be in the office) this does, after all, make complete sense.

So why are Sundays suddenly becoming the preferred day of the week to get married? The Hedsor team talk about our observations on this hot new booking trend….

For the majority of us Sunday is the day of the week when we get to relax, catch up with friends and family enjoying some all-important time out from our hectic schedules. This naturally slower and more casual pace of life on a Sunday provides our first clue. Here are some other reasons why Sundays are proving to be so popular; 

  •  A relaxed and casual vibe - having a Sunday wedding ensures guests and suppliers are relaxed, prepared and organised for the day. If the majority of guests are travelling a distance to the venue this provides them that extra day to make sure they arrived and rested. Your nearest and dearest have Saturday to make sure they’re ready and set to support you on your special day. With a naturally calmer atmosphere, the ceremony becomes even more meaningful with everyone more focused on the vows rather than waiting for a raucous party to start*
  •  Spoilt for choice – despite Sunday becoming an increasingly popular day to get married, they are surprisingly budget friendly. By choosing a Sunday and saving some money, you can focus on other aspects of creating your dream wedding. (Jimmy Choo here you come!)
  •  Unique and memorable – Stand out from the crowd and create a wedding that’s different to all you've attended before. Your guests will remember your wedding and the meaning of it not the day of the week it falls on.
  •  Make your day last longer - if you decide to celebrate your wedding on a Sunday, go for an earlier ceremony and reception so that you and your guests can enjoy an extended day. Those guests that do need to leave earlier are free to do so after a wonderful day spent celebrating. Your remaining guests can use the opportunity to book a Monday off work* and enjoy an extended weekend.

*Please note - raucous parties can and do still happen on Sundays! #SundayFunday

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By Grace Lloyd-Jones, Marketing Executive and Wedding Aficionado