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The Power of Scent

We couldn't resist sharing with you what the stunning Design in Scent team has to offer your event at Hedsor House. They call it Sensory Storytelling – we call it FABULOUS. Their objective is to take your guests on a memorable journey from the moment they receive their invitation to long after your event is over. It’s proven that smell is the only sense with direct links to our memories, imagination and emotions, so why do we so often overlook this important aspect when organising an event?

As recently featured in the Channel 4 documentary series 'Millionaire's' Mansions - creating your own unique scent is becoming an exciting new luxury. Fragrance reaches us in ways that eludes sight and sound but conjures imagination in all its sensuality.  For your summer party treat everyone to floral top notes and for your masked gala dinner send out dark grounding spice tones to get everyone in a decadent mood.  See below for more ideas on how to incorporate fragrance into your event at Hedsor...

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you thousands of miles and all the years you have lived”
— Helen Keller

How to Incorporate Scents into your Event

Home & Lifestyle

Once you've chosen your very own bespoke scent for an event - incorporate it back into every day life to keep the memories alive.

Burn your candles and instantly invoke the memories of your special wedding or celebration and be transported back - after all everyone does say the day goes far too quickly!

Match Your Brand

Want to stand out and add that extra special element to your corporate event, whether it's a product launch, business development or reward dinner add a specific scent to match the occasion? Give your guests a matching signature candle as a thank you for attending. An occasion scent can be inspired by the look and feel of your brand, values or even your own unique personality.

The addition of scent into a creative event can enrich the visual environment, stir nostagia and trigger guests unique memories and emotions, thereby setting the scene in a more realistic way
— Design In Scent


Scenting your wedding enhances the mood and forges a lasting connection to the day for you and your guests. Create your very own couture fragrance and evocatively remember your wedding for years to come.

Whether it is candles on the tables, beside your guest book, outside in the gardens, down the aisle, diffusions in the toilets, in the guest bedrooms or beside the cake - romance and drama will be added to your day.  Give your guests candles, perfume bottles or diffusions as favours to continue the theme and transport them to your special day every time they smell your scent even once the day has formally ended.

Chat to Gemma Hopkins from Design In Scent if you'd like to have a chat regarding sensory storytelling at your forthcoming Hedsor House event.

By Grace Lloyd-Jones, Marketing Executive and Wedding Aficionado