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Exclusive interview with Sue Barnes from Lavender Green Flowers

Lavender Green Flowers founder and leading floral designer Sue Barnes talks all things Wedding Flowers in an exclusive interview with Hedsor House


Lavender Green Flowers have been working at Hedsor House for many years now, based 10 minutes away in the centre of Windsor, there really isn't much they don’t know about when it comes to dressing this venue.

With a team of over 40, many of the guys and girls who work there live just minutes away from Hedsor, and word has it that it is definitely one of the favourite venues that they work in.


What do you think makes Hedsor a different venue in comparison to other venues you have previously worked at?

Hedsor House just gets better and better with constant improvements both to the house and grounds. The drive is grand, the house, impressive, imposing and welcoming and it is a gorgeous combination of classic design that has a timeless quality. Unlike many venues, when you decide to hire Hedsor House, the whole place is ALL yours! There are no members of the public drifting through, no other events going on at the same time and so many different parts of the house and garden to explore.

What is your favourite British growing flower?

This kind of changes with the seasons so I like heavenly scented Hyacinths in Spring, Sweet Peas and garden Roses in summer, Dahlias in the autumn and Hellebores in the bleak winter months.

What’s your favourite part of Hedsor House to dress in terms of floristry? Why?

I like to decorate the entrance hall really well as I think that first impressions count enormously. If you get this part right, it will have set the scene, creating excitement and very definitely, the wow factor.

How early should I book my florist?

I like to see Brides when they decided upon their dress, typically six months to a year before the date of the wedding. This is because I design and sketch the bouquet against the Bride in her chosen dress. I love to do this as it teaches me so much about the style of the wedding and Brides love it as it shows them exactly what they will look like on the day!

What service do Lavender Green Flowers offer brides? And what makes them different to other florists?

What was your favourite Hedsor House Wedding? -“the next one!”
— Sue Barnes

So many years experience working with flowers in both the wedding and events industry has allowed us to build up a wealth of information and expertise across all areas. We can make suggestions and offer helpful advice that is backed by years of experience of trends, the industry and Hedsor House.

When it comes to our services specifically for weddings, I would say that ability to sketch bouquets, table centre and concepts is probably our biggest USP. It allows us to create unique designs and to communicate these to clients.

What would your dream wedding look like at Hedsor House in terms of floristry?  

It would a summer wedding, completely filled with Peonies and Sweet Peas. It would be naturally beautiful and appear effortlessly glamorous.

Is there anything that brides and groom forget to include when budgeting for wedding flowers?

That less is sometimes more! A few gorgeous, large and impressive designs in a venue the size of Hedsor House are far more important, and sometimes less expensive, than lots of small designs that, when the house is filled with guests, cannot be seen.

Would you have any specific recommendations for couples looking to get married at Hedsor House?  

Book it quickly!