Guest Blog- The History of The Wedding Cake

Each month, Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning wedding planner and designer joins us as a guest on the Hedsor blog. With over ten years’ experience she gives couples the best wedding inspiration and advice. This month….it’s all about the cake and why it’s an important part of your day…

Wedding cakes are an important element of any wedding. They often take hours to choose, weeks to create and (sadly) just a few moments to devour, but they still take pride of place at the wedding breakfast.

Cake by  Sugared Saffron .

The history of the wedding cake

Wedding cakes date back as far as ancient Rome when the groom would break a loaf of bread over the bride’s head to symbolise fertility. The guests would then collect a few crumbs from the bread to take home for good luck. Although there’s not too many brides that would be happy with having their wedding hair ruined by crumbs nowadays, the tradition has morphed into something that we recognise today.

The changing style of wedding cakes

In medieval times, the wedding cake was actually a huge pile of spiced buns! The couple were encouraged to kiss over the buns, and if they remained upright, this was a sign that they would enjoy a long and happy marriage.


The type of cake we usually associate with weddings has evolved from fruit puddings to beautiful sugar crafted creations. The change can predominantly be credited to royalty who have chosen more and more ornately decorated cakes as the years have gone on but also due to sugar becoming more and more widely available in the 16th century.


Cutting of the cake

When the bride and groom cut the cake and feed each other a small morsel, this is a tradition that symbolises the unity of two people. They then share this with their guests as it was believed that handing out portions of the cake would increase the couple's prosperity and fruitfulness.


Modern wedding cake traditions

Nowadays, the cake is still an important part of any wedding. Couples spend hours selecting flavours, styles and decorations together and even attend wedding cake tasting sessions before selecting their dream cake to take pride of place at the table during the celebrations.

hedsor house-senses-showcase080.jpg

Many couples keep the decorations such as sugar flowers, cake toppers or even the top tier to be used as a christening cake should they have children in the future. And so it continues, the traditions and symbolism that have surrounded the wedding cake for centuries are continuing to develop even today.

Until next time… happy planning!

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Cakes in the images predominantly by Melissa Woodland Cakes , Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium and Sugared Saffron

Guest Blog - Wedding Favour Trends for 2019

Each month, Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning wedding planner and designer joins us as a guest on the Hedsor blog. With over ten years’ experience she gives couples the best wedding inspiration and advice. This month….it’s all about your guest favours….

There have been oodles of clever, quirky and fun wedding favour ideas coming on to the market in the last few years, and in this blog, we'll be looking at some of the best that are set to be big in 2019…


Individual doughnuts

Love is sweet, and who doesn't love doughnuts? The clever people over at the nation’s favourite American doughnut makers, Krispy Kreme in particular have created a range of individually packaged doughnuts in a wide range of flavours. These are perfect for weddings and offer a new way for you to wow your guests and provide them with a seriously sweet treat that they can take home or save for later.

Credit: Krispy Kreme Donuts

Credit: Krispy Kreme Donuts


If you're hoping to provide your guests with one of these gorgeous doughnuts, then it's best to contact your nearest retailer in advance or speak to your wedding planner to make sure that you get the amount you need the day before the wedding to avoid disappointment.

Wildflower Seeds

Plant the seed of love and watch it grow!  There’s been an influx of companies who are creating tiny pouches of mixed wildflower seeds as wedding favours. This cute idea is not only a great memento of your special day, but they also give your guests something to enjoy in the months to come after sowing their seeds.

Just to make it an even better choice - bees and other wildlife benefit from wildflowers, especially in urban areas, so you’ll be helping planet earth too! David Attenborough will be pleased….

Credit: Love & Lilah

Credit: Love & Lilah

Charitable Donations

For those socially conscious couples, instead of spending money on wedding favours for your guests, you can use that money to make a donation to charity instead.

Credit: NSPCC

Credit: NSPCC

Adding a small printed card to say that you’ve made a small donation on their behalf to the charity of your choice isn’t just a nice gesture, you’ll also be helping a worthy cause to commemorate your nuptials.

A Cocktail or Mini Party Pack

Check with your venue to see what they will allow however mini cocktail bottles are a great idea that will most certainly come in handy during the evening celebrations!

Charlie and Katy 260.jpg

For the kids, why not opt for adding a glow stick, a few fun props such as funky sunglasses or fake moustaches or a small inflatable into a small bag and place it on the table. All guests will have fun with their party pack items later on, and it's also a great way of keeping any little ones entertained during the speeches.

Fortune Cookies

Cost effective, sweet and fun, fortune cookies are a great way of raising a smile during the wedding breakfast. Many companies allow you pre-select ‘fortunes’ and personalise the packaging to suit your colour scheme or even add names, so they’re a fun and cost effective wedding favour idea.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Until next time… happy planning!

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Guest Blog - How to Dress for Your Winter Wedding

Each month, Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning wedding planner and designer joins us as a guest on the Hedsor blog. With over ten years’ experience she gives couples the best wedding inspiration and advice. This month….it’s all about dressing for your winter wedding…

Winter weddings are truly magical. Think about the sparkle of the frost on the ground and trees, the fresh, crisp air and the bright blue skies and you’ve got yourself a naturally wonderful setting for your winter wedding.

Winter Wedding.jpg

But what do you wear, especially if you’re the bride and all eyes will be on you?

Of course, you'll already have your dream wedding dress, but it’s often the little things that can make all the difference when it comes to dressing for a winter wedding.

Here’s some expert advice on bridal dress for winter weddings and how you can look magical on your special day. 


Ice whites, ivories and a hint of silver are all amazing shades for a bride to wear for a winter wedding as they help to complement the season.

Whatever wedding dress shade you choose, you can really make a winter wedding come to life with a few complimentary shades or glittering lace accents on your dress. Consider an ice blue underskirt for a subtle pop of colour or add a silver and diamante belt or shoes for extra sparkle.

Shoes by Harriet Wilde

Shoes by Harriet Wilde


Accessories can bring a wedding dress to life, so don't be afraid of bringing out the sparkle for your winter wedding. Think about shimmering shoes in silver tones with a matching clutch bag, a sparkling hair clip or broach and show-stopping jewellery that glistens in the light.

White fur or feather trims on hair accessories are also rising in popularity for winter weddings, so find a local boutique to see which style and finish will best suit the rest of your bridal attire.


Indoor / Outdoor

Winter weddings can get a little chilly for the bride, especially if you're having photos taken outside. Although you want to show off your dress, you won't want to be shivering either so how about a faux fur stole or shrug to cover your shoulders and keep the chills at bay?

Capes are also becoming increasingly popular as they add to that winter wonderland feel and can be easily taken off once you head inside the venue.

Remember, weddings at Hedsor House during the winter months might be chilly outside but inside the venue is warm and cosy, so choose something that you can take off once you go inside after your outdoor photos have been taken.


 Little touches

You can help bring the winter feel into those finishes touches to your hair, makeup and nails too. There are a wide range of makeup products on the market right now, so speak to your make-up artist before your big day to see how they can help you shimmer and sparkle to ensure all eyes are on you.

There’s also a plenty of options for nail art, glitter and shimmer polishes on offer and a plethora of hair gems or subtle glistening hair sprays to bring your look together.

Until next time… happy planning!

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Guest Blog- Biggest Wedding Colour Trends of 2019

Each month, Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning wedding planner and designer joins us as a guest on the Hedsor blog. With over ten years’ experience she gives couples the best wedding inspiration and advice. This month….it’s all about colour trends…

Move over pale mink, 2019 has got some bright and brilliant colour trends on the horizon that are going to be a complete change from the usual pastel hues!


Once you’ve chosen your wedding dress, the next part of creating your perfect colour palette is deciding on what colour your bridesmaids are going to wear, and this will very much define your overall colour scheme for everything from the groom’s pocket square to the colours of your flowers and table runners.

If like many modern brides, you want to give your special day an on-trend twist, then there're some fantastic new shades entering the wedding wish list for 2019.

Here’s our list of the biggest wedding colour trends of 2019 and how you can incorporate them into your big day…

Green fit for a queen

Now don’t tell me that you didn’t notice how amazingly elegant Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s white and spring green colour scheme looked on their big day?


And as you’ve probably already guessed, more and more brides are looking for a similar elegant and fresh feel for their special occasion. Using a multitude of green shades adds depth and interest to a wedding day colour scheme, so don’t be afraid to go for lots of foliage in your floral arrangements and green accents for your table decorations and bridesmaids’ dresses.


Tropical tones

If you’re a couple known for your bright and bubbly personalities, then you’ll love this tropical colour trend. Think vibrant oranges, hot pinks and bright yellows complete with striking greens and you get the idea.


These colours offer a statement pop of colour and complement white wedding dresses particularly well, so don’t be afraid of using bright and bold tones.

Purple Hues

Purple is a big statement colour for 2019. Rich purple tones are something that couples have traditionally shied away from as it’s such a strong colour, but brides are getting braver in 2019 and using purples and golds, especially for winter weddings, to add a touch of luxury.

Elegant Navy


This year blush and nude tones are being complemented by navy blue to offer a striking contrast.


Think about navy accessories for your blush bridesmaids and blush accessories for your groomsmen to complete their navy suits, and you'll see just how well these two shades work together.

Woodland palette

Dark forest greens and rich burgundies and plums are great shades that work well with both white, ivory and light cream wedding dresses with gold accessories.

For floral arrangements, add some beautiful fern foliage to give that woodland feel and help bring the overall look together. Another great thing about this new shade is that its bold without being overly bright, so you can also use wooden accessories for your table decorations to give a natural feel that isn’t overbearing.

Shu and Simon-139.jpg

Until next time… happy planning!

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Guest Blog- Wow factor wedding blooms

Each month, Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning wedding planner and designer joins us as a guest on the Hedsor blog. With over ten years’ experience she gives couples the best wedding inspiration and advice. This month….it’s all about beautiful blooms…

Floral displays at your wedding have the opportunity to make an large impact, especially at a venue like Hedsor House!

Small flower displays can often look a little overwhelmed in such lavish surroundings, so it's important that you choose statement blooms to give you the scale and wow factor you want.

If your budget allows you can go big with a statement entrance installation and flower wall for your ceremony like this one by the talented Amie Bone Flowers.

Amie Bone entry- San (sanshine photography).jpg

Here’s some of our favourite big and beautiful blooms ideal for floral displays, whatever the season.



Famed for their beautiful orb shape or semi-trailing blooms, hydrangeas are a real show stopper of a flower. Each stem provides a multitude of small petalled flowers, and the colour variations available in this stunning species are truly amazing.

hedsor house-senses-showcase038.jpg

From a crisp white to spring green, lavender or even cerise red, the hydrangea is a great way of making a statement without blowing your floral display budget.

Interestingly, the symbolism of the hydrangea means heartfelt and honest emotions, which couldn’t be a more perfect sentiment for a wedding day.


Peonies are a wedding bouquet favourite thanks to the thick, ruffled blooms and wonderful array of pink, peach, cream and pale lilac colours.


Peony foliage is also rather attractive, so there’s no need to pay for any extra ‘green’ with this particular species either as each thick stem has plenty already.


Usually, peonies are combined with delicate roses in a complementary shade for bouquets, but peonies are becoming more and more popular in bouquets and displays on their own thanks to their beautiful petals and big blooms.

The meaning given to peonies is beauty and romance, so it’s no surprise that they’re so popular with blushing brides!


A lesser known species of flower, Ranunculus range from the palest pink to flaming red hues making them ideal for a statement pop of colour at any wedding.


Their multi-layered petals and wonderful globe shape can be displayed as soon as the flower is cut or left a little longer for the flower to open up a little to show the dozens of paper-thin petals as they take on a more ruffled appearance.


There are plenty of meanings associated with Ranunculus flowers, but the most commonly held view is that they mean attractiveness and charm which is something every bride wants to convey on her special day.

Another tip for showing off your big and beautiful blooms is a little sparkle. Ask your florist or wedding planner to show you examples of the flowers above with a touch of delicate glitter, and you'll be amazed at how it can transform a floral display from wonderful to wow in very little time.

If glitter isn’t your thing, then tie your bouquet or dress your displays with classy pearl adorned ribbons to add interest to you showy bloom displays.

Until next time… happy planning!

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Guest Blog- How to stay calm on your wedding day

Each month we have Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning planning and designer join us on the blog. With over nine years’ experience in the London wedding scene she gives Brides and Grooms the best wedding inspiration and advice. Read below what insight Mwai can give this month…

Your wedding day SHOULD be the happiest day of your life, right? we have 7 tips before YOUR big day and the morning itself To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Take a moment for yourself

You’re going to spend the entire day surrounded by people that want to talk to you, and often brides will find this element of the day particularly tiring. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, enjoy a walk on your own in the morning. Try and centre yourself, think positively and remember why you are here. If you hold onto that feeling throughout the day, it should help you remain calm.


Get your beauty sleep

While it can be tempting to spend the whole evening up talking to your friends, it’s important that you get enough sleep to avoid being irritable and overly emotional, which tends to happen when people haven’t gotten their full 8 hours. Go to bed at a reasonable time and eat a hearty breakfast when you rise, as feeling hungry won’t do you any good either.


Write notes to your nearest and dearest prior to the day

For the happy couple, weddings are often about speaking to all the guests and thanking them for coming. With close family members though, you may want to say a bit more and let them know how much you appreciate them. In case you don’t get time to do this on the big day, write them notes and ask them to open them in the morning. This way they will know how much they are valued and will mean that you avoid feeling guilty if you don’t get the chance to say everything you want to on the day.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

When it comes to your wedding, it’s important to be realistic and accept that something will probably go wrong, but it’s likely that it will be something small, so try not to let it get to you too much. Remember that you are gaining a whole new life and family as a result of this day and one little hiccup shouldn’t tarnish that.


Pack an emergency kit

To avoid those last minute panics, pack a handy kit filled with essential things that you might need should something go wrong, such as safety pins and hairspray. Give it to a trusted friend and you’ll feel much calmer knowing that if something does go wrong, you’ll have that to fall back on.

Photography and survial kit by Liesl Lamare

Photography and survial kit by Liesl Lamare

Let a friend take the lead 

If you don’t have a wedding planner or coordinator who is going to be present throughout the day, ask one of your friends or willing family members to be the point of contact for the photographer, caterers and anyone else involved on the day, otherwise you’re likely to spend the whole day answering questions and telling people what to do.

Ignore negativity

If you hear anyone make a negative comment, whether it be about you or someone else, step aside to a quiet place for a few minutes and try and calm yourself. Today is not the day to be engaging in arguments, so unhelpful comments like this is best to ignore. Remember that this day is filled with love and warmth, so block out those comments and remain positive. 

Just relax and enjoy the most special day of your life! 

Love from


5 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Asian Wedding....

We are delighted to welcome Sharn from Desi Bride Dreams on this guest blog to talk about her five trusted tips and tricks to make Asian wedding planning less stressful..

Krishna & Kunal Civil 053.jpg

Five Ways to Have a Stress-Free Asian Wedding by Sharn Khaira

For most couples planning a wedding is one of the most important days of your life. The process of planning your big day is something that should be enjoyed and cherished.

As an Asian wedding planner, we have planned and executed countless Asian weddings. Therefore, we have extensive experience of different Asian weddings within different cultures. We have planned and executed lavish weddings for 700 guests and intimate affairs which only have 100 guests. So here are our top tips to make it as stress-free as possible.

1. Plan Ahead and Be Flexible

No matter how big or small your Asian wedding may be, you can never be too organised. Especially when it comes to Asian weddings as there are normally multiple events across a set week. 


One of our biggest tips is to create a to do list, noting down as many tasks and ideas you can think of and then organise them into a timeline. When we plan weddings for our clients we ensure that we have a project plan to follow for each month. This not only ensures that our couples don’t feel overwhelmed, but it also keeps us focused on the planning.

2. Prioritise & Be Flexible

When starting to plan your big day, it can be very easy to want to jump straight into the little details and while these are important, be sure to initially make time to thoroughly research and select some of the key elements of your wedding day.  Fundamental and often larger elements such as caterers, photographers and venues get booked well in advance, especially for Asian weddings. Therefore ensure these are your top priority. 


Being flexible is so important during wedding planning. We encourage couples to be very open when it comes to date selection. Most venues (including Hedsor) can offer a much more competitive price on Monday- Wednesday dates leaving you with more room in the budget for other elements of your wedding day.

3. Have a Strong Support Network

Your key network for keeping your stress at bay in the lead up to your wedding are your immediate family and friends. They need to be the ones who are in control, who know what’s happening next, who know exactly what you might need at any given moment. Use your support network to delegate tasks before and of course on the big day. Not only will this make them feel involved in your wedding it will help to take the pressure of you as a couple.


4. Keep it simple

We often find that Asian couples would like to have three different events on the same day. Our advice would be to not host more than one event on the same day. The more events you have the more logistical details you will need consider. Such as multiple turn arounds within the venue, outfit, hair and makeup changes and so on.

With multiple events on the same day there is more potential for events to overrun, get delayed or cause you stress. Keeping your morning and afternoon wedding and ceremony plans simple, without too much travelling required between locations, is our recommendation. Having everything take place in one venue location is the most stress-free option. Keep in mind that some venues such as Hedsor House will require an agreement in writing before allowing two ceremonies on the same day. 

5. Hire an Asian Wedding Planner

Planning your wedding can be very time-consuming and daunting. Many Asian couples often underestimate the time required to plan an Asian wedding. The average Asian wedding requires 300 hours of planning and that’s only for the wedding day itself. Busy professionals don’t have the time to plan their wedding as they often lead hectic lives with both careers and their social life. We work with Asian couples and bring their dream vision to life without the stress. We ultimately create an incredible and unforgettable day for you using our expertise and experience in the Asian wedding industry.


We hope you found these tips helpful for planning your big day. If you would like more information on our packages please head over to

Guest Blog- Helpful tips for planning a wedding AT HEDSOR FROM ABROAD

Each month we have Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning planning and designer join us on the blog. With over nine years’ experience in the London wedding scene she gives Brides and Grooms the best wedding inspiration and advice. Read below what insight Mwai can give this month…

Planning a wedding anywhere is a challenge as there is so much to think about and organise, but a DESTINATION WEDDING IN THE UK will present you with a number of other questions and factors that you will need to consider before you book your flights...

The allure of a wedding abroad is obvious, especially because the English countryside is so beautiful, just remember to take into account a variation in cultures and traditions may change the type of day you have.

Read Mwai's blog for some helpful tips for planning Hedsor House wedding from abroad... 

Familiarise yourself with English traditions and proceedings

Weddings differ from country to country, so it’s worth doing your research so that you can be sure that the way the day will pan out in your chosen country suits you. For example, in the United Kingdom, weddings can start earlier then some places! Hedsor suggest no earlier than 2pm, however to ensure that your suppliers/vendors have time to set up. 


Consider your catering options

Food and ingredients completely vary from country to country. Thankfully Hedsor have 27 preferred caterers to choose from. When contacting caterers, be sure to find out what kind of meals are going to be served and whether your international guests will appreciate it. Of course, you should pick things that you and your future spouse like, but try not to devise a menu so obscure/foreign that you completely alienate your guests.


Be sure to check the legalities

Believe it or not, it’s not as easy as jumping on a plane with your guests and your wedding dress if you dream of getting married in England. You will need to check the legalities of marriage - I recommend having a chat with one of the Hedsor Wedding Specialists who can guide you through the religious and civil options available to you. 


Leverage your on-the-ground wedding specialist

Given you're planning from abroad, it is important you're in safe hands on our side. Jennie Hopcroft and/or Natasha Pollard, the Hedsor Wedding Specialists, will be able to guide you on what works or does not work in the House giving you complete reassurance on the run up to your special day. For lots of top tips you can also download your complimentary Guide to Getting Married Wedding Magazine, just click the button below.


Always open - explore Hedsor using the virtual tour

Photographs can sometimes make it difficult to fully appreciate a venue so to help you visualise your perfect day at the house, whatever the hour/timezone, Hedsor have created a 360 virtual tour. In our tour you can place yourself in each of our different rooms as well as explore all of the guest bedrooms. Share with your guests to help them get excited about their trip! 

Until next time, get your bags packed, we look forward to seeing you in England!


Groom Style Tips - Guest Blog Love From Mwai

Over the last few years I have seen Grooms becoming more and more confident regarding their choice of wedding fashion and style. Grooms are now paying attention to accessories, colour and how his style will fit in with the whole wedding theme.

Tri-tone brogues and sterling silver cufflinks

I must admit that it's been a lot harder to write a blog on men’s fashion - the Bride's seem to completely steal the show when it comes to dressing at the wedding!

But not anymore - I have spoken to some of my male clients and together we will take you through some of the key looks that are currently trending.

Trend 1: The English Groom

This look embraces geek chic and some adventurous colour combinations. Anything goes with this look and you can add colour contrast slacks. This is definitely for the daring grooms amongst you.

English country wedding

Trend 2: The Quirky Groom

The quirky look can be a two or three piece suit and it’s all about what you decide to add or takeaway. Perhaps lose the jacket and go for the shirt and waistcoat look?

Trend 3: The Tux

Tuxedos are the traditional choice for a wedding, but over the decades they have evolved. They can now be found a variety of colours and shades like black, dark or light grey, and navy, and in fits from classic to slim. A range of sizes lets you outfit everyone from the smallest ring bearer to the big & tall men in your group. With everyone in tuxes, your wedding party will have a cohesive, polished look. 

Trend 4: The Suit
This is usually a preferred option for the grooms. You can achieve this look by adding a vest or taking non-traditionalist approach by pairing it with a fun bow tie or braces. Perfect for the modern look.

Otherwise know as 'The Cool Groom'


Trend 5: The Blue Hues
A blue tuxedo offers an unexpected alternative to the classic black. Equally elegant, this suit is ideal for the groom who wants to add a pop of color with a bold hued ensemble that's anything but basic. 

I adore this suit texture and colour!

And there you have it, some Groom’s fashion style that are on trend. Join me next month as I discuss one of my favourite wedding topics “Round tables vs long tables”.

Until next time.

Be Inspired!

Love from Mwai


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