Guest Blog- Helpful tips for planning a wedding AT HEDSOR FROM ABROAD

Each month we have Mwai Yeboah, a multiple award winning planning and designer join us on the blog. With over nine years’ experience in the London wedding scene she gives Brides and Grooms the best wedding inspiration and advice. Read below what insight Mwai can give this month…

Planning a wedding anywhere is a challenge as there is so much to think about and organise, but a DESTINATION WEDDING IN THE UK will present you with a number of other questions and factors that you will need to consider before you book your flights...

The allure of a wedding abroad is obvious, especially because the English countryside is so beautiful, just remember to take into account a variation in cultures and traditions may change the type of day you have.

Read Mwai's blog for some helpful tips for planning Hedsor House wedding from abroad... 

Familiarise yourself with English traditions and proceedings

Weddings differ from country to country, so it’s worth doing your research so that you can be sure that the way the day will pan out in your chosen country suits you. For example, in the United Kingdom, weddings can start earlier then some places! Hedsor suggest no earlier than 2pm, however to ensure that your suppliers/vendors have time to set up. 


Consider your catering options

Food and ingredients completely vary from country to country. Thankfully Hedsor have 27 preferred caterers to choose from. When contacting caterers, be sure to find out what kind of meals are going to be served and whether your international guests will appreciate it. Of course, you should pick things that you and your future spouse like, but try not to devise a menu so obscure/foreign that you completely alienate your guests.


Be sure to check the legalities

Believe it or not, it’s not as easy as jumping on a plane with your guests and your wedding dress if you dream of getting married in England. You will need to check the legalities of marriage - I recommend having a chat with one of the Hedsor Wedding Specialists who can guide you through the religious and civil options available to you. 


Leverage your on-the-ground wedding specialist

Given you're planning from abroad, it is important you're in safe hands on our side. Jennie Hopcroft and/or Natasha Pollard, the Hedsor Wedding Specialists, will be able to guide you on what works or does not work in the House giving you complete reassurance on the run up to your special day. For lots of top tips you can also download your complimentary Guide to Getting Married Wedding Magazine, just click the button below.


Always open - explore Hedsor using the virtual tour

Photographs can sometimes make it difficult to fully appreciate a venue so to help you visualise your perfect day at the house, whatever the hour/timezone, Hedsor have created a 360 virtual tour. In our tour you can place yourself in each of our different rooms as well as explore all of the guest bedrooms. Share with your guests to help them get excited about their trip! 

Until next time, get your bags packed, we look forward to seeing you in England!