Five ways to entertain your wedding guests

One of the most common questions we get asked by Hedsor couples is how they can entertain their guests on their special day to ensure it's the most memorable wedding day possible! Whether this is an unusual activity or lawn game at Hedsor we think there always needs to be some sort of wow factor or experience. We have have teamed up with a few unique suppliers to suggest five unique ways to entertain your loved ones...

1. Create a personalised live challenge based on you as a couple

Wildgoose has created an interactive and entertaining app-based challenge. This is a wonderful opportunity to make the event personalised and even more memorable! Guests will complete a series of tailored questions, trivia, tasks and challenges set up by the hosts and powered by Wildgoose.

In small teams, guests will embark on a journey around the beautiful venue and grounds of Hedsor House, learning about their hosts, the special couple, whilst also taking on photo and video challenges. Each challenge has an element of competition too, with guests competing for points by answering questions correctly and for being the most creative with their photos and videos, which makes for hilarious post- event viewing! 

2. Croquet on the South Lawn

Croquet works perfectly here at Hedsor on our lovely South Lawn. Couples can choose how many sets they would like or if they want to be more creative with the rules depending on how much Pimms has been consumed! Plus side: lots of hilarious photos of intense concentration & smashing victories!

3. Duck Herding

Ducks and dogs at a wedding? It would obviously be the cutest wedding in history.

Bright Vision Events will arrange a fast moving and humorous display that lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. The instructors will demonstrate the commands used for the sheep dogs and how they manoeuvre and control your quacking friends.

Guests are then asked to put into practice what they have just seen and have to direct all sixteen 'Runner Ducks' between a series of slalom poles, through tunnels and finally into a small fenced enclosure. Some of the ducks might 'go astray' which adds to the fun and excitement of this enjoyable experience. 

4. Cocktail Masterclasses 


This is available through most of our caterers who could work with you to find a drink that fits the style of your wedding. We love when Brides and Grooms create a unique cocktail and then the guests learn how to make it on the day. 

5. Carousel at Hedsor

A fairground carousel adds sparkle to a wedding reception and ensures guests, young and old, enjoy all the fun of the fair at a very unique occasion.

Carousels, or Merry-go-Rounds, have been entertaining crowds through history and they always create smiles and laughter with their traditional, colourful look and the distinctive music.

Irvin Leisure carousels are a perfect backdrop for a wedding and make it that more memorable. We have a range available for hire and guests often tell us about their delight at seeing a carousel in the grounds of a wedding venue or hotel.

It's great to see families enjoying the attraction together and these special moments!

Picture perfect!