5 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Asian Wedding....

We are delighted to welcome Sharn from Desi Bride Dreams on this guest blog to talk about her five trusted tips and tricks to make Asian wedding planning less stressful..

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Five Ways to Have a Stress-Free Asian Wedding by Sharn Khaira

For most couples planning a wedding is one of the most important days of your life. The process of planning your big day is something that should be enjoyed and cherished.

As an Asian wedding planner, we have planned and executed countless Asian weddings. Therefore, we have extensive experience of different Asian weddings within different cultures. We have planned and executed lavish weddings for 700 guests and intimate affairs which only have 100 guests. So here are our top tips to make it as stress-free as possible.

1. Plan Ahead and Be Flexible

No matter how big or small your Asian wedding may be, you can never be too organised. Especially when it comes to Asian weddings as there are normally multiple events across a set week. 


One of our biggest tips is to create a to do list, noting down as many tasks and ideas you can think of and then organise them into a timeline. When we plan weddings for our clients we ensure that we have a project plan to follow for each month. This not only ensures that our couples don’t feel overwhelmed, but it also keeps us focused on the planning.

2. Prioritise & Be Flexible

When starting to plan your big day, it can be very easy to want to jump straight into the little details and while these are important, be sure to initially make time to thoroughly research and select some of the key elements of your wedding day.  Fundamental and often larger elements such as caterers, photographers and venues get booked well in advance, especially for Asian weddings. Therefore ensure these are your top priority. 


Being flexible is so important during wedding planning. We encourage couples to be very open when it comes to date selection. Most venues (including Hedsor) can offer a much more competitive price on Monday- Wednesday dates leaving you with more room in the budget for other elements of your wedding day.

3. Have a Strong Support Network

Your key network for keeping your stress at bay in the lead up to your wedding are your immediate family and friends. They need to be the ones who are in control, who know what’s happening next, who know exactly what you might need at any given moment. Use your support network to delegate tasks before and of course on the big day. Not only will this make them feel involved in your wedding it will help to take the pressure of you as a couple.


4. Keep it simple

We often find that Asian couples would like to have three different events on the same day. Our advice would be to not host more than one event on the same day. The more events you have the more logistical details you will need consider. Such as multiple turn arounds within the venue, outfit, hair and makeup changes and so on.

With multiple events on the same day there is more potential for events to overrun, get delayed or cause you stress. Keeping your morning and afternoon wedding and ceremony plans simple, without too much travelling required between locations, is our recommendation. Having everything take place in one venue location is the most stress-free option. Keep in mind that some venues such as Hedsor House will require an agreement in writing before allowing two ceremonies on the same day. 

5. Hire an Asian Wedding Planner

Planning your wedding can be very time-consuming and daunting. Many Asian couples often underestimate the time required to plan an Asian wedding. The average Asian wedding requires 300 hours of planning and that’s only for the wedding day itself. Busy professionals don’t have the time to plan their wedding as they often lead hectic lives with both careers and their social life. We work with Asian couples and bring their dream vision to life without the stress. We ultimately create an incredible and unforgettable day for you using our expertise and experience in the Asian wedding industry.


We hope you found these tips helpful for planning your big day. If you would like more information on our packages please head over to www.desibridedreamsplanning.co.uk