Caitlin and Patrick: An International Fairytale

A glamorous affair that was planned all the way across the Atlantic with guests from all the world to witness their stunning destination wedding day.  

After pictures became some of the most 'liked' on social media we knew that it was a wedding everyone had fallen in love with. We are delighted to share Caitlin and Patrick's view from their recent wedding day at Hedsor House. 

The Day

We wanted the wedding to be beautiful and elegant, and we didn't have a specific theme to make that happen. Though, my friends would probably say black, gold and sparkles were really my theme...

I was surprised how outwardly emotional it all was... before (and during) the ceremony it was hard not to be a babbling mess. I know I would feel a lot of emotions, but I didn't think I'd be unable to keep my eyes dry! Also, getting ready almost seemed too relaxed... while this is a good thing I kept panicking that I should be doing or organising something! It surprised me how it was not hectic at all. 

Why Hedsor?

“Utterly incredible old English residence. We chose the venue through scrawling through Instagrams and it came up. Beautiful staircase. Wonderful grounds with cows.”
— Patrick

I wanted a venue in London so that people traveling from the States wouldn't have to go far once they arrived in England, and Patrick really wanted a more rural location. 

After a lot of research trying to find the best countryside venues within easy travel distance to London, we stumbled upon Hedsor, and it seemed absolutely perfect. Luckily, Patrick's cousin lives in the area and was able to visit in person on our behalf. We booked before seeing it ourselves, but we knew it was the place for us. 

Details of the Day

The Dresses: I went on about a dozen dress appointments before settling on the one... there were just way too many gorgeous options that I loved wearing! In the end, I really loved the shape of a Sarah Seven dress I tried, but my girlfriends said I couldn't get it because there were no sparkles! Every other dress I had loved had some sort of shimmer to it. The women helping me brought out a different Sarah Seven dress- it had the same neckline in a delicately beaded bodice, but I was not a fan of the bottom. 

After a few minutes and a couple texts with the designer, the shop had coordinated my own custom gown! By combining the two dresses my dream dress was born, and I loved it because I could so easily envision it at Hedsor. 

As for the bridesmaids, I had fallen in love with the gorgeous gold Badgley Mischka making the rounds on the internet, so I knew we had to do something just as sparkly and gorgeous. We went with an Etsy shop who does similar designs. 

Did anything unexpected happen?

Before the day, our jeweller missed the deadline for my wedding ring, but luckily our good friend took a later flight out of Seattle and was able to come bearing a temporary replacement. Otherwise, the day went pretty smoothly, and while a lot  of things went differently than I expected, it was often a pleasant surprise. 


The Menu by Caper & Berry

Starter - Tomato and Pepper Tart Tatin  

Main - Beef Wellington

Dessert - Shots in Pots – Double Chocolate, Hendrix and Cucumber, and Passion fruit and Orange Meringue Pie - all presented on a gorgeous dessert table.


“The thing I remember most about the day would be the dance floor and everyone always dancing. Also eating mac and cheese in the bath after the day was over.”
— Patrick

Your Best Memory From the Day?

“But in the end so many people commented on how special it was, so I’m happy we didn’t hold back. After all, the day was all about that moment!”
— Caitlin

People are not lying when they say how quickly it goes. It ended as it began, and I felt like we had to make a lot of effort to stay in the moment. I also remember being in awe at how many of our friends and family travelled so far to celebrate with us... I felt like the luckiest person alive throughout the entire day!



Caterer  - Caper & Berry / Cake- The Sugared Saffron / Production- Class Act / Band & DJ - Tony Winyard/  Florist - Bloomingayles / Videographer - Mischa and James / Photographer - Greg Finck / Dress - Sarah Seven / Bridesmaids - Etsy / Groom - ASOSGroomsmen - ASOS / Make-up and Hair - Carolanne Armstrong

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