Hedsor House Presents...



Dates Still Available

This December, Hedsor House will be transforming itself into the Gatsby Mansion.

Choose from the Fizzy Flapper or The Bees Knees party formats and guarantee the best Christmas party your office has ever experienced!

"The whole city packed into automobiles and every weekend ended up at Hedsor. I mean EVERYONE from every walk of life, from every corner of London and New York City. This kaleidoscopic carnival spilled through the door. Millionaires, playboys, publishers with their blonde
nurses. Heiresses comparing inheritances in Gatsby's boudoir. Bosses losing money at the Roulette tables, Gossip columnists next to governors and gangsters exchanging telephone numbers with Film stars, Broadway directors and debutantes"

For more information call 01628 819050 or email info@hedsor.com