Fiat: Launch of Iconic 500X

A new iconic design is revealed 

When Lodestar for Fiat contacted us and asked us to help them launch the brand new, turbo-charged FIAT 500X, we simply jumped at the chance. Hedsor’s wide open spaces with the dramatic backdrop of the Georgian country house made it the perfect location for a successful event.  

The Event

This was the first of eight press launches for the FIAT 500X for the London press and Automotive magazines, so it was important the venue gave the right impression for the whole campaign. 

Hedsor has a range of open spaces that can be used to show off the capabilities of the cars, so the event was set up as a ‘ride and drive’ event. The iconic cars were navigated through the 100 acre estate and our off-road course, taking in Hedsor’s special ‘Queen Victoria’s carriageway.’  

The group opted for an Italian-themed lunch, of course, and the client reported that the quality of the catering and the service provided by the staff were excellent. 

Hedsor proved to be two things: flexible and private. Both things we consider fundamental for a successful car launch! 

The Feedback

Hedsor House’s proximity to our HQ, as well as the ease of access for the main motoring titles in and around London, made it ideally located for the launch of our FIAT 500X.
— Conor Twomy, PR Manager, FIAT UK
There are some good driving routes around the house too, but I’m keeping those to myself for my next Hedsor launch!
— Conor Twomy, PR Manager, FIAT UK

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